Retro Flame #2 Making New York look bland, iced coffee in hand, beige everything on brand.

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Wow... this car ... “it aims to empower, inspire and connect women around the world”. All the whole, the brand ambassador can’t even tell me the engine size, HBP, engine size. Erica, you can’t even connect with your target audience and you’re expecting the car to! I’m actually embarrassed for her and the lazy marketing team at MSL Mercedes Cork


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Lads, the car starts at €63,000 !!!!! Like seriously....... what follower of hers will but that or be influenced by her to? I am 40, follow her only as I am also from Kerry but unfollowing now, just a joke!! Know your audience like!! I could not afford that car at my age!!


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I can't unsee Sue's Mercedes since someone said it here 😄
You're welcome!

It's funny: that's a beautiful car but I would have no interest in owning one, even if I could afford to fork out €60,000++
I can't imagine many women in Erika's age group aspiring to own such a car?
I've a friend in her fifties though, whose husband's farm business has exploded in value over the past couple of years, and whose accountant advised them to spend X amount on cars in the next X months (some kind of tax dodge I presume) so she traded the 20 year old Renault Clio against a white e-class coupè 😆


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Also. Does anyone else find the whole marketing campaign “she’s Mercedes” to be really patronising / demeaning? I’m really surprised at Mercedes running such a campaign tbh. Feels like something that would’ve been accepted in the 70s or 80s.
The whole campaign and using a "public figure" like Retro to promote it is definitely in poor taste! Reminds me of like a "posh kept woman" image.... Don't get it and defo doesn't give me any desire to have a Merc.

Edit to add: she comes on with her 5 hrs of sleep face full of makeup? I know she's probs saying she only had 5 hrs of sleep so needs the makeup but wouldn't she be so much more relatable to the stress people are going through at the moment, and the fact most aren't leaving their house, if she came on looking at bit shit? Or just natural? 🙈


Had to unfollow her today. 2 reasons well 3.

1. That car is lovely, but not for her, it’s a middle aged business man car there is nothing stylish/appealing about it for a woman IMO.
Would have expected a coupe style car or suv would have better suited her demo. But the photo in it today has the mother/sister (black hair) driving it and she’s in the passenger seat.
I‘m guessing she can manage it and would explain the driving in a field.

2. The post on the mother and babies she’s just jumping on the story for the clout. She never discussed news, trump or political issues before really why just add this and not discuss it.
If your content is NYC and expensive American targets labels why jump on this. I know others are doing it as well and they are no better.

3. It’s so boring another day at the beach.

I’ll no doubt still follow here to see how they get the dog back in the cabin on the way back.


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The a class mercedes is nice, its a hatchback, to my mind that would make it more geared towards a younger person (weatlthy obvs).

But a saloon like that is, to my mind, for someone 45 +... i dont see how anyone in that age group would be influenced by Retro
99% of saloons scream 'I'm over 45' to me 💀 that includes Avensis, Jetta etc. The only exception is the white BMW/Audi, they signal something else altogether.......
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