Restless sleep.

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My sleep the last week or so has been awful. I’m back to grinding my teeth, I’m tossing and turning (which means I sometimes end up in my back snoring) and my feet rubbing (a self soothing kind of thing, I’m like a cricket) is going on through out the night. I know it’s anxiety induced as when I wake up in the morning I’ve got the old tight chest etc. And I know it’s to be expected, I have BPD and my routine is out the window due to Covid.

my question is, does anyone have any hints or tips for a more restful nights sleep. My poor husband has been getting up about 3/4 and going to one of the spare rooms as I’m keeping him awake. I properly belted him as I was throwing myself about in the bed on Monday.

I’m seeing every hour, but it’s not the worst sleeps I’ve ever had. I’m not napping. Bed and waking same time every day. Not caffeinated drinks from about 9 hours before I go to bed. No devices in bed. As I’ve had insomnia I’m pretty good with sleep hygiene, I’m just stuck.
Logically I know it’s anxiety based due to lockdown, as that’s when it started. Would just like to fix it and finish lockdown with me and my husband sleeping in the same room.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I’m no help but my husband is doing the same as you. He has anxiety and has started drinking again.

In turn I’m teeth grinding and clenching my shoulders which gives me the worst headaches. We are both exhausted but can’t sleep.
Can you get put during the day for a walk? Some fresh air and a bit of gentle exercise might help to clear your mind?
The podcast 'Tracks to Relax' really helps me, as does the pillow spray by This Works - it's not cheap but totally worth it IMO
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I've been going through a bad spell too, but doing the "steps for stress" deep relaxation really helps me. Sometimes I'm asleep by the end of the track.

Can you get put during the day for a walk? Some fresh air and a bit of gentle exercise might help to clear your mind?
I've been taking the dog out for 10k every morning. I'll maybe move it to later on see if it helps.

Thanks for all the advice re apps. I use the calm one sometimes for the sleep stories. Might give them a whack. I think I have some of the this works spray in a drawer. Will fish it out.

Hopefully we'll all be sleeping soundly soon.
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Have you ever tried nytol one a night. They make you drowsy and help you fall asleep and stay asleep. I know not everyone likes to take sleeping aids but they do work. The only thing I will say is, if you suffer with restless legs like I do, they can aggravate that condition. But they certainly work to send you off to sleep. You can get them over the counter and pharmacy.
I’m just the same awake asleep awake asleep ... waking around 5am awake for a couple of hours then nod back off ... that’s when I go into such a deep sleep then feel dreadful and can’t wake up ... I use Sominex now and again which is good but makes me lethargic in the morning ... I would give anything for great deep sleep all night x
My sleep has been terrible since lockdown, not sure what it is exactly as even when I have done intense exercise it is the same. It has been quite hot recently so maybe that? I wish I had something useful to say except you aren’t the only one wide awake at 5am!
I have the same issue but in the daytime, I work nights and finish at 6am i would be asleep by 7am and awake at 10am and thats all i have. I can't relax and switch off.
At night i sleep well but still find myself waking up early as the mornings are lighter now. Are there any good sleep aids that you recommend. I used to take Sleepeze however it didn't do anything for me.
I’ve seen a product called cloudy, it helps with insomnia which I suffer with and not a general good sleeper. It’s a diffuser that contains melatonin, lavender and Camomile. Anyone tried it ? X thank you
My sleeps gotten worse. Well I’m sleeping, I’m just up and down all night. But my anxiety is also sky high. Think I’m just going to have to accept it till some semblance of normality resumes.
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Being more active during the day usually helps me, also taking magnesium before bed helps to relax. I’ve heard good things about melatonin too. I used to wake up tons during the night but sleeping with an eye mask on helped me to sleep through the night.
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I second an eye mask. I find that it helps me to just roll over and go back to sleep if I do wake.
The relaxation things on Google Home
One is of a storm - quite like that
One is of trickling water - not too keen on that one
Thing is they actually do work I know this as I put them on with the words hey google play relaxation sounds for 20 minutes and I never hear them stop after 20 minutes
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