Rent reduction problems... help!

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I’m after some advice so I don’t either screw my Landlord over, or screw myself over.

Have been renting a 1 bed flat in a Victorian building for almost 5 years, at £600pcm. On the 23rd December I reported a leak in the ceiling, on the 27th December a contractor came round and knocked two holes in my living room ceiling, said the problem was worse than expected and left again.

A couple of weeks later some scaffolding went up and they’ve realised (thanks to leaks springing up in other parts of the building) that the roof is in a bad state of repair. My Landlord has agreed to a rent reduction but I don’t know what a fair amount would be.

It’s 7 weeks tomorrow that I’ve had these two sizeable holes in the roof which the wind whistle through making the place flipping freezing, and as yet there has been no sign of any work starting to fix the issue so it could be several more weeks yet.

Communicating with the management company is like pulling teeth and the letting agency (and thus the Landlord) appear to have no updates either so I’m acting as go between.

Any advice? I don’t want to take the mick but it’s been miserable le living there!

Thanks in advance.
I'd say half or less is more than understanding on your part. Takes the piss these landlords
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Don't worry about what is fair, just go with what you'd be happy paying. Sounds like he's taking the mick, you'd need a generous reduction!
I'd have a word with Shelter Tenancy Centre and see if their legal department can advise you? I suppose it also depends on how much longer this repair may take? Good luck.

It might be worth speaking to Shelter. They have some info on their website which might help
Just added the same - sorry hadn't seen this x
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I'd seek advice. There is something in writing in relation to a wind and waterproof home when renting I'm sure.
Try looking at Landlordzone there is usually a lot of information on there.
ps I am not a landlord I have just found the site quite helpful at times. Good luck.
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