Rebecca Lamb #8 Block/Delete and my hard work day is complete


Same with the Hello Fresh that hasn’t been mentioned since, I never heard her explain what it was, what you actually got and why it was amazing and people should get it?! She’s shocking
I have no idea how ads work but I’ve sen a number of “influencers” make reference to their posts and stories have to be proofed before being put out. If this is the case why aren’t these brands questioning the quality 🤷🏻‍♀️


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So Bulls are her favourite animal , well that really is bullshit...have you ever heard her say anything about bulls before? Same as her ads , its ALWAYS her favourite that she really really likes cos its soooo good she really really likes it, yet never see it before the #ad or after...she is sooooo full of 💩.. cant believe she gets PAID , ( tax free of course ) to advertise so badly. And 2ss with the chickens 😁😁😁 bet he didnt know what one looked like unless it was undercooked for his dinner cos steve likes chicken for his dinner. How the f**k are these 2 dimwits going to be able to help with the kids homework in the next couple of years? Reb struggles now to read kids books. When she did the jigsaw it took her 20 minutes and she thought it was a world record cos it said 2 to 4 years on the box..bit off topic but funny how they share 1 old car now that 2ss dad not paying for them both a nice new car.. oh shit....thats where all the gifting started. Bet old house " renovations" were paid for by his dad as dumb and dumber have to pay they want it ALL gifting..tight arsed the pair of them, yet brags she earns £29+k a year...until Taxman is involved.


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Just proves they defo sit reading this everynight!!😂😂
Well that’s where the mum guilt comes from, spending more time on your phone rather than doing things with your children if that’s the case. Shame really because I’ve actually given some good constructive advice and I’ve not said anything horrible about her or her family, it’s just her work ethics and transparency


That post!
Bulls are a gender of cow, not an animal!
Those fucking boots with that dress! Couldn’t Rydale of gifted you a nice pair of boating shoes for the warm weather?!
Woody in overalls again, when she’s wearing next to nowt. No wonder he threw a strop.
The grammar! Jeez!
Now we know why they aren’t keeping hens at least. Surely 2ss doesn’t have a phobia of all birds though, just the feathered type 😉


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Surely now she’s adding captions to her stories, she must realise how much she repeats herself?! That thumbnail story she told us she uses picmonkey twice....