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Recap- kids sleep on the floor - still
They wear highly flammable bedclothes last seen in the early nineties on a dodgy market stall.
Does she still buy 2 carrots a week? Who knows?! She stopped doing YouTube’s because the last time she did one there were so many dislikes she had to disable the comments and like / dislikes 🤣 Poor Marty 1st must be having withdrawal symptoms.
Still buys cheap tat to wear and not to forget the £400 coat she’s worn once.
Chickens disappeared - never to be seen again!
Just bought a knocked off Porshe Any old fucker could buy despite having mouldy old single pane windows and eating spam tattie for tea.
Oh and once featured on pornhub

Sorry crap recap please add

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After the slapdash effort in the bathroom (Lucy Carter’s new one looks amazing 😉) and the list she’s given; carpet the stairs, spare room, their room (not the boys 😡) I’m wondering if she’s tarting the place up to move to Spain? She gets rid of the house that needs too much professional work done, she won’t get pulled up on the boys schooling out there and she’ll look like she made it for all the Huns? She did say she’d move there soon 🤔 still can’t stand her. Everyday I feel for those boys 😢
I wonder if they are going to be fluent in spanish by the time they move.
Remember Steve, speak the language or go home 🤥👍🏽🤔


I've been trying to catch up (still haven't) with this thread since she posted the car pic, working 13 hour shifts and that kinda gets in the way........ And no, I'm not an 'influencer' 😂

Saw 2SS driving through Keighley yesterday which I thought was a bit strange as its 50+ miles away from where they live and also strange that the person in the passenger seat had blonde hair and definitely wasn't Beggy 🤷🏻‍♂️


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Of course she’s never moving to Spain 😂 she spent two days more inland during her last trip & hated it because there wasn’t a shop selling fruity echo falls and a restaurant that did egg and chips within ten miles. So they upped and left to go somewhere where all the brits go 😂 she’s an embarrassment, can you imagine her saying ‘Hooo-lar un Coca Cola purrr va fhorrr’. Pull the other one dingle.


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Didn’t get close enough for a sniff but she’s pleasantly plump haha
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how close is she to pics we see on the gram, skin included! Was it in the chicken aisle, guaranteed to find her there cos Steve likes chicken so she will buy him chicken, cos he likes chicken for his lunch so she will be buying him chicken, so will be in the chicken aisle! 🤣
She looks ROUGH I’m not even being mean or a bitch she looks NOTHING like her heavy filtered pics she’s about a size 14 no bigger. But she’s not naturally that size and if shows if that makes sense . She looks grey in real life with limp greasy hair . But we all knew that . I wouldn’t of even thought anything of her if she didn’t act like a prom and beauty queen who’s a size 10! She’s just a normal mum but she needs a wash haha

Also she was taking a picture haha


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"When people dislike you for no reason".

I have multiple reasons why I dislike you actually. Number one is that your children sleep on the floor of a 300 year old house (which is exposed to the elements on all sides), in a bedroom with a single glazed window pane (that has a crack down it).
Honestly. Gimme a break Rebecca.
How humiliating is this. If i had flaunted my ‘new purchase’ for being such a boss bitch babe and my other half posted this shit, I’d die a thousands deaths. It’s CLEARLY his purchase from bank of daddy. He is a pig. A beaver pig. I actually feel sorry that she has to concoct these ridiculous lies to make her look like she has it all.


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