Rebecca lamb #47 Magic mirror on the wall, am I the biggest size ten of them all?

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First time doing this so hope I’m doing it right!! With thanks to @Hachos with 55 likes I think! Fantastic title!!

Quick recap from our wonderful lady in the Dales:

Flashed camel toe on porn hub had it removed then it was uploaded again.

Flogs anything for £5 (despite being £1.99) on the everything is £5 website.

Affiliate links everything in order to earn some much needed cash. Who will be next ? Will she do a Swipe up for Steaver?

Deletes and blocks anyone who offers practical advice as she sees it as criticism and thinks we are all trolls.

Regularly reads tattle for content

Doesn’t give her kids any fruit or veg - despite her youngest liking it.

Kids sleep on mattresses on the floor.

Buys followers and wonders why she has such low engagement on her ads so then has to beg for likes.

Happily let’s perverts see pictures of her kids in bed despite the dangers.

Offers unsound dietary advice to people.
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The cheeky cow !!
Giving out a lecture on what she expects people to do when she posts an AD,
We saw you wash your face and then pat it dry on an old towel ! and now we have to say how amazing it was because it does you a favour ...... piss off begs.
I laughed when I read the rubbish about empowered women, empowering other women. I have seen other mummy vloggers congratulate her on her subscriber milestones and comment on her posts, yet I've noticed her absence when they celebrate something or post an AD. However I have noticed her creeping around Kerry Whelpdale, I find that hysterical, I really don't see Kerry Whelpdale being best friends with Rebegga, she would be polite but the are worlds apart on everything. Rebegga needs to educate herself on so many life's kills, she doesn't fit into the vlogging world. Rebegga is the poster girl for how not to dress, cook, parent and generally behave, if you want to be taken seriously. She's 26,shes not a young girl and seriously needs to grow up and realise, you can't play make believe when you have children depending on you to care for them. There's a very small part of me that feels sorry for her, she has no guidance and I think her parenting style probably comes from the way she was raised/or left to do what she wants. But because of her arrogance, part of me feels, as an adult she chooses not to educate herself or to try and do better. I think Steve probably prefers her as clueless as she is, because she's no threat to him, she's dependent on him. I think an intelligent, independent woman would be a threat to Steve and his manhood and that's why he stays with her, she plays at being a grown up, so is easier to manipulate/control. Begga wants a lifestyle without working for it, at one time Steve clearly provided quite a luxurious lifestyle, compared to what she was probably used to, but now she's stuck, in the dungeon, desparately trying to convince herself she's happy. Steve's living his best life, doing what he wants when he wants, she's stuck.


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How has that AD been approved?? It’s so shocking 😂 yet again waffling about nothing, repeating herself and promoting everything she doesn’t do. Have they not seen what she eats? Wow. It’s so laughable, the most unhealthy woman I’v ever seen going on about ‘putting something good inside her first thing in a morning!!’ Another shit show begs well done.

Ruby’s mum

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She says ‘I’ve been having activia with breakfast recently’ she posted yesterday’s food diary lastnight and her breakfast was porridge!

she is so stupid
She shows her breakfast every day and never has she had a yogurt of any kind, certainly not Activia. Occasionally she might put some in her awful pancake concoctions or similar. but she never ever has a pot of yogurt.


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That girl kissing begs arse saying she doesn’t understand the hate for ads- she needs to get a life. Clearly she’s just one of her pathetic sheep trying to strike up a conversation with her. I have no problem with ads on Instagram. I happen to leave a like or comment on plenty of them. I don’t respond to beggys because she’s a lying fake who claims to love all these products yet we never see or hear of them before or after the ad. Also she is piss poor at promoting anything, she doesn’t deserve any praise.
She's probably someone who considers Begga as 'goals', but then some people have very low/no standards and low expectations from life.
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