Rebecca Lamb #39 Shes got that poorly disease - egocentricity.

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If she didn't lie about her size though, no one would mention it?

She doesn't need to be embarrassed yeah?! 😳 Well answer me this, how would you feel if your sister had recovered from an eating disorder and had got to a healthy weight and was an ACTUAL size 10, not a pretend one like Rebecca... Supposing then your sister seen Rebecca (most likely a 14 if she was really honest) looking smug about her size 10 body and then thought "oh god, Rebecca Lamb is the same size as me, she looks bigger than I thought I was, I must look fatter than I think I do" which then sends your sister back into a spiral of dangerous habits?

I think she needs more than embarrassed love! She needs a shake and a slap in the face! She's a danger to her children, her animals and her followers.

All negative feedback is largely her own doing as well 😳🙄
We don't embarrass her on here, we don't need to, she does such a fab job of doing that herself every single day 😄
Not open for further replies.

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