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So the Aldi’s own Jam is the Jam she always buys? Because it’s relleah relleah tasty?

But what happened to ‘her friends’ jam she always buys who also lives in the Dales? Fearne & Rosie? Remember her Becks, you went to Morrison’s a few months back solely to get the story on the gram? Oh yea that’s right, bullshit because she doesn’t support her own tits let alone small businesses


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Imagine being in your late 20s, married with 2 young kids and being at home one day and going to you kitchen and getting a wine glass and cheese grater and a fork... Going up to a room by yourself, while your two young kids are in the house somewhere, and sticking a wine glass onto your head with a hat and stroking the cheese grater with a fork. I mean, joking aside, imagine actually taking the time to do that .... 🤯🤯🤯


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Sometimes a post by Rebecca Lamb,
sometimes it's ok if your foof ends up on porn hub, sometimes it's ok to pretend you've been making home made food in the aga even though it's been broken so you staged the pictures, sometimes it's ok to buy followers, sometimes it's alright to sack off the home schooling in favour of standing in the kids paddling pool in your swim wear and getting that shot for the gram, sometimes it's ok to say covid19 is a load of hyped up old crap, sometimes it's alright to promote body positivity then pretend your a size ten because admitting you've put on weight yourself is so not the thing to do, sometimes it's ok to look in your poundland boss babe note pad at the amazing to do list of 2020 and realise I've lied, cried, blagged and faked my way into the new decade and would of got away with it all it weren't for those meddling tattle trolls seeing right through me,The end.


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Don't put a trampoline next to a stone wall.

Don't let your children jump on trampoline whilst eating.

Don't leave a slow cooker on the side with the wire hanging down.

Don't leave a bike at the top of a set of stairs with a concrete floor at the bottom without a stair gate.

Get a stair gate.

Don't let your children sit and stand on tables.

Don't leave your children unattended while you fanny on upstairs on social media.

Don't let your children jump all over your dogs.

Don't feed your children hard boiled lollies, mini eggs or give them bouncy balls they can choke on.


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Her stories are painful.
Hi evrywun. I’m wearing a jumper today because it’s actually not that warm. It looks really warm but it’s actually really cold.
Alfehs in his pyjamas because he asked if he could stay in his pyjamas because he wanted a pyjama day so he’s in his pyjamas.


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I’m new here and have been a fan of her for a while. But that post about getting shopping ‘because she felt like doing something different’ has pissed me off to no end. I have to get my shopping delivered because all 3 of my children are shielded. We haven’t left our home in weeks and she’s there asking if anyone else has had trouble getting deliveries! She’s fucking thick.


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Late to the morning routine vlog but,

What the fuck are cwassant’s?????

chocolate pancakes followed by cwassants... whatever they are. 😕

“we could stay in our pj’s with unmade beds all day......”

rebecca, you work from home!!! Your kids are basically home 24/7,
Steve spends his days filling your holes...


Stop acting like your world has turned upside down!
The only thing that’s different for you is there were less tinned tomatoes and multi packs of twirls in Aldi,

fuck all the way off hun...
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