Rebecca Lamb #36 Magic mirror makes her slimmer, but when will Steve get a decent dinner

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Her stories are painful.
Hi evrywun. I’m wearing a jumper today because it’s actually not that warm. It looks really warm but it’s actually really cold.
Alfehs in his pyjamas because he asked if he could stay in his pyjamas because he wanted a pyjama day so he’s in his pyjamas.


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The fact that she's just realised you can't get food delivery slots shows how little attention she pays to the outside world. Surely every one knows for the last few months delivery slots have been like gold dust. I never online food shop but I still know that? And yeah no way should she be taking up a slot but why would her lazy selfish behaviour surprise us now!


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This girl does not have a clue does she 🤦🏽‍♀️ Thought getting the shopping delivered would be nice!!!!! Rebecca why oh why would you even consider the thought of attempting to get a delivery slot let alone actually go onto various websites and try!! There are people who can’t get to the shops because of health conditions and are vulnerable who need those bloody slots or there are people who are completely self isolating ie not leaving their house for 7/14 days due to symptoms!! And you just thought it would be nice to get it delivered ? You really are something else, thick!!!!

You 2 moon units are more than capable of going to a supermarket!!! 🤬


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it seems the more that we say on here that she’s self obsessed, instead of winding her neck in she goes the other way and posts more pics of herself. Sunday morning and a mother of 2 kids is sitting up in her pretend office room pulling childish poses and then probably going through them all to see what ones make the cut. GET A FUCKING LIFE!
The more that’s mentioned about Alfie being on the spectrum the more you notice things, like her saying he would never eat a banana or spinach, on its own that wouldn’t indicate anything but put together with the other things that have been noticed then perhaps he’s not ‘fussy’ it could be to do with his undiagnosed autism? Because we all know he doesn’t eat any fruit or vegetables what so ever. ( hope this doesn’t offend anyone I’m literally just noticing more and more and wish she would get him the help he needs)


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I have always had my shopping delivered on a Monday morning for as long as I can remember and Ive given up my slot so the people shielding /self isolating / poorly / vulnerable have a better chance at getting theirs delivered. I'm able bodied and healthy, I can go to the shop myself so that's what I'm doing.

I honestly can't process that she's trying to take up a valuable food delivery slot because she thought it would be nice!!!!!!

The shit shows usually funny but then she does things like this and I think she truly is a thick waste of space
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