Random! I only envy cats ?

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Does anyone know if the user 'I only envy cats' from guru gossip is a member here also please :giggle: She always spills the most wonderful tea and is smart as a cookie :coffee:

I honestly adore & miss her posts, so I peeked back at gg today for the first time in months, and saw she's still posting fabulous stuff.

So I went to message her directly then realized I was banned :ROFLMAO: LMAO

Honestly, it made my day! You couldn't make it up.

Basically I was a super active poster there until a moderator began to private message me horrible threatening messages over literally nothing. As a result, I keep expecting messages from here telling me I've broken at least 50 rules, and I'd totally believe it as I really let loose in here in comparison to GG :LOL: But I never receive anything so I feel right at home :love: So after the mod started attacking me privately with threats I defend myself and this made her 100 x worse, so rather than keep argue for the sake of it, I said you don't need keep threatening to put me on a week's ban as I don't care to stay now anyway, and I am happy to leave permanently, and I would not be returning. Fortunately this group came to my attention so that was a very easy transition :giggle: So I decided to sneaky log in to send a pvm message to I only envy cats, and I am almost expecting an apology message or smth from the mod from ages ago, which I would decide not to read, instead I get THIS!!

Isn't this just hilarious? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


Isn't that just rich, lmao! Honestly I cannot stop laughing!

Anyway it's not an issue, I can easily join at work just to send her a message, but I did wonder if she is here already. I don't read the most popular threads, so hopefully (y)
I'm super lazy to rejoin gg and don't want them to have an extra, if fake, member LOL