Rachel Riley

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I can't pretend to understand exactly what is going on but that anti-Corbyn T shirt seemed incredibly ill advised. Taking away from the anti apartheid movement. I see Tracey Anne Obermann said anyone who criticised her for the t shirt thing is a hard core Corbyn troll. Thereby shutting down any intelligent discourse. As I say I don't fully understand it.
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Tracey Ann Oberman is being a right pain on Twitter! As someone tweeted this morning, the only reason she's getting so wound up and worshipping The Tories is because she has money! Same with Dom Joly, he's another one. Funny how they conveniently forget everything The Tories have done and said, but Corbyn is worse in their opinion 🙄 As for Rachel, what a stupid thing to do! Not very brainy when it comes to non mathematical things is she?
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I hate half a story. It's horrible what happened to her but if you aren't going to name the guy so others can be more weary of him in the future, which will hopefully make him think more about his behaviour, then don't mention the story at all.
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