PTWM #97 Who wants to see R’s massive “whole”? Vote yes or she’ll call you a trol!

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Genuinely thought this was Katie Hopkins!😂😂

Those people commenting on the Trevi post sound like the stories from people who were on here in the early threads. Although, to be fair the stories are similar for a lot of people anyway in that she ignored them. They’re not doing the cause any favours though and I’d bet my mortgage that post will be deleted.


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Clo is Lula’s friend Ruby’s Mum. So evidently does know Rachael in some way. The anon account commenting on Trevi’s page has one follower - Josh’s Ex Sam. So I’d take a guess that is our old friend again 🙄.

The biggest irony here is there are two younger women, Elsie & Clo, defending 2 older women who are nowhere to be seen. This on the Trevi House professional SM page and no one from Trevi has popped up a comment saying ‘ladies can you take this elsewhere.’

Fucking amateurs wasting everyone’s time 😐


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What an absolute fucking circus in Hambleton Towers😫.
Just when you think they can't get any worse, they put 110% in & shock everyone again.
I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with Tomorrow morning 😬.


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The fact that this Clogib woman thinks that it’s okay for R to pedal how many women she saves from DV a week, and base her whole social media presence on being someone who saves all women from DV and ask for PayPal donations for this - but then ignore people who ask her for help and not even signpost them anywhere because “she might have had a busy day” literally says EVERYTHING about these people. Absolutely morons of the highest order. They make my blood boil.

And Trevi think this is ok?????


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So Rachel has shared those confidential court documents with the mum of one of her kids’ friends and now that mum thinks she knows enough to be arguing for Rachel on social media with one of the children the documents pertain to? The audacity of this woman and her friends!

And to argue that it’s not Rachel’s fault that her followers are being let down and not signposted and then physically harmed in DV situations that potentially could have been avoided 🤯 the fact that she has a chaotic home life, isn’t a social worker or similarly trained and has zero safeguarding or other measures in place is exactly why she should never have put herself forward as someone who could help. Even now, people signpost others to her, she’s an “ambassador” for Trevi, she has her own women’s centre and she’s consistently taken a wage for the DA “work” she does yet there are women with stories of being left to fend for themselves after trying to access support from her and her mates think that’s fine because she might have been busy that day 🤦🏼‍♀️


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Well what another shitshow from every aspect 🤯 it takes someone pretty fucking stupid to be able to fuck up not one, but two Insta accounts they run 😑 Hey Rach, here’s what you did in last night out in a headline for ya 👍🏼

Boy aged 15, secretly filmed half naked by Stepmum and posted online for her 300k worldwide Insta followers to see. The boys father, a serving Police Officer with D&C Constabulary also appeared in the short clip but seemed to do little to protect his sons modesty. The Stepmum runs a local CIC Centre for women and children seeking refuge from DA.

Or if you switch it up, looks something like this

Girl aged 17, secretly filmed half naked by Stepdad and posted online for his 50k worldwide Insta followers to see. The girls mum, who runs a local CIC for women and children seeking refuge from DA also appeared in the short clip but seemed to do little to protect her daughters modesty. The Stepdad is a serving Police Officer for D&C Constabulary.

See how it’s the fucking same you absolute pair of shit parents???


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Gosh I take a day or two off and it’s all blown up again!!

She’s sent me into a rage I swear!!!! After catching up here, I went to take a look at that Trevi post. Now, I hate to use the word “thick” but, CHLOE YOU ARE THICK AS FUCK.” Who goes on a major defensive attack and actually, drops someone in even more shit? Chloe has announced to anyone who wants to read it, that she has seen those court files - statements written by minors. Now, I was exposed to these myself and they were harrowing but also, it was obvious to me that not all the words written were her own, like she had help (just my opinion) I know of four other random Instagram accounts that were shown these statements, now it’s coming out that they were seen by her mates too. Well if she can shown strangers on the net, random friends, how many in total have seen these documents? How many people have been exposed to a vulnerable child’s situation without any care whatsoever for safeguarding her? She can easily pass me off a Troll and try to say I’m lying about seeing them, that’s her call, but now it’s been backed by her pal - someone who she knows and trusts.
As for “I know her in person” fuck right off! So do the girls. On a deeper level. Who is Chloe to try and call them liars? Who is she to dismiss what they went through all because she knows Rachel. Fact is, Chloe knows the version Rachel wants her to know, the pretend version. The girls know the real Rachel.
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