“Prankster” Goes to Prison

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Some Spanish twit being unbelievably cruel to a homeless man for YouTube entertainment in Spain. Has had his channel shut down and banned from making videos for 5 years.

Sadly, due to Spanish rules won’t actually be going to prison, so won’t get turned into a witch in the showers.

Some of the British/US YouTube twats have done awful things, but they haven’t done tit like that. Yet.
I read about this it is sickening using a vulnerable person for 'entertainment' glad hes had his channel shut down and has to pay the homeless person compensation.
Playing devils advocate here because I have no issue with the sentence. But he was charged for 'a crime against moral integrity.' Moral integrity is not only subjective but has a tonne of degrees so I'm not sure how it sits with me charging someone on this account. Where does it lead?
Shame some of these pranksters haven't faced consequences before.

Still pisses me off how Sam Pepper is back doing Youtube videos. :mad: