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No hard and fast rules here and these are all open for discussion to update and adding more.

Just trying to set some guidelines to help things run smoothly. Do let me know what you think.

Double / Triple / Quadruple Posts

Avoid posting to the same thread several times in a row as makes it harder to read if one person has a handful of seperate posts.

If you want to add something it's often better just to edit your last post to add it in.

Quoting / Reply Button

Quoting is great, but can interrupt the flow of the forum if used too much and unnecessarily. If it's just for the post above it's often not needed or you can use @ to tag the poster.

Avoid quoting a long post just to say you agree or a very short reply, the like button is more effective.

If you do want to quote a long post it works best if you select the sentence or two that you want to quote then press the reply button that pops up:

tattle quote.jpg

If your quote doesn’t work you've probably accidentally deleted a closing bracket ] for the [/quote], please do edit it to try put it back in or if you have any issues report your post so it can be fixed.

Use Paragraphs For Long Posts

If you're writing a long post do split into several paragraphs as makes it so much easier to read.

Off Topic / Thread Disputions

We're more relaxed around here than other forums. But if a threads being disrupted by going really off topic and ending up like a chat room it ruins the discussion for most people.

Avoid engaging in this and report if a poster is being disruptive.

Posting Links

If you post a link do explain why you are posting it or give some context, rather than just posting a link.

Post a full unmasked link so people know what site they will be directed to, rather than a link that will direct the user. Like

Use Edit / Delete

You can edit or delete your own posts for up to an hour after posting.

If you make a mistake there's no need to post again with a correction, just edit your original post to correct it. If you have any issues please post in the help forum or report your post.

Delete your post if its a mistake, rather than posting again saying its a mistake it's far better to just delete it to make the thread easier to read.

Chat Room Like Behavior

This is a forum rather than a chat room. Avoid posting messages that are reminiscent of chat rooms. Like "What's been happening today?" as you can read the thread for yourself.
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Still getting complaints about double / triple postings so implemented some code to merge these automatically.
[automerge]1542916220[/automerge]This should merge
[automerge]1542916229[/automerge]then this.
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Removed the message that it's merged
so it doesn't appear

but is still spaced out

like this

Not sure where to ask this but I don't seem to be able to attach a photo when replying to a post. I have done in the past tho. When I click on the icon (next to the emoji one) I get http:// .. I've tried every icon along the top of the message but there's nothing to let me attach a pic. Hope someone can help as its driving me mad.
@Ginoclock you only had 2 posts before posting on this thread, lots of newbies mess up the quoting function so we're trying out making it so that it only works once you have 5 posts. :)
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I don't seem to be able to attach photos with my posts now. When i click on the icon to attach a pic all that comes up is http:// .. can anyone help ?
Thread locked. We lock threads when they have 1000 posts, click the blue button to see all threads for this topic and find the latest open thread.
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