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Hello! I've made this specifically for the Mrs Hinch thread but it could potentially be used for anyone else so long as the URLs are changed beforehand.
Sites like Tattle tend to have basic rundowns and useful information about the person whom the thread is dedicated to (Here's a good example of what I mean) I thought it would be helpful to have here. Instead of visitors coming to the threads just to find us arguing about bread, they would first see the initial post at the start of each thread, that we could update as we post new # threads. Would also come in handy for archival purposes, and could potentially cut down on "what's she done?/what's happened?" posts. Here's what I've done so far

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Sophie Rose Hinchliffe née Barker, also known as Mrs Hinch, is a 29 year old Cleaning Instagram Influencer. She is best known for naming her cloths, mixing chemicals, and having a toxic cult following. Maybe talk about sales background and failing to comply with ASA, etc.

Profile Links:
Main Instagram
Gleam Profile
LinkedIn (Deleted)
Sophie's Personal Instagram
Hairdressing Instagram
Jamie's New Instagram
Jamie's Personal Instagram
The Dog's Got One Too!

Useful Links:
Potential Link to Archived Images
Influencers Advertising Guide
Dangers of Mixing Chemicals
Zoflora Ingredients Breakdown
Fabric Softener Dangers
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Thanks it's a really good idea, I'm hoping to get something so we can write on the tag page an intro and links.

For all new threads they do need something like this to give a background. We've been rejecting ones that are just "thoughts?"

Will lookinto a solution this week or the next.

Would be good to have a "who is Mrs Hinch" page on the site to direct new people to. If there's someone that can write a roundup of everything and where we are today?
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