Plouise #3 Piano key teeth; space raider face; customer service is a disgrace

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“I could of made a million quid from calendars”
lol so humble…
She’s never made more than £200k in a year on anything, so not sure why she thinks that!
Pretty sure if she thought that, she’d have bought more from China! Clearly she’s not spending much on stock though as she’s been having to give it away for free / in sales for the past year


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The accounts for the main part of her business (PL Distribution) are due out end Dec I think… they’ll make for interesting reading I’m sure.
Her stories this morning… she’s been shopping in Zara. Bit of a change considering previously she was constantly filming herself shopping in Flannels and only ever seemed to wear designer clothing. Not sure why she said “you can team this top with Plouise trousers” though as she NEVER wears her own label, ever! I’ve seen her film herself wearing it in the morning, and then she’s left the house wearing something else! Surprised she’s even still trying to sell the fashion side considering it only made £5k last year


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Yeah at bigger ones they sell it. In lakeside they have Huda and fenty. Can also buy them all on boots website
My local boots is only small and sells both of those now, only a small section of each though
hmm makes you wonder why she hasn't gone for it then.. being in boots would be on the top of my wish list not a Lambo.. I've had a look and even Kylie cosmetics is in boots she really does not have a good pr/marketing team we're doing it for her LOL!



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No one wants to buy her cheap China crap!! She’s literally giving it away! Boots aren’t going to be interested. She probably got in Morphe by offering to put their brushes in her makeup academy kits or something.
Shes had her day now. I believe it was all about timing. At the time she opened her academy, her heavy drag style of makeup was fashionable. It isn’t now. And they have failed to move with the times. She’s out-dated and only ever appealed to one age groups and demographic. Hence why she’s now having to sell makeup kits for children!
Her products aren’t made for makeup artists… I was a makeup artist for years, and there was no way I was lugging all her bulky packaged palettes around with me! Plus, you want products that can be used for all ages and skin types… caking her heavy bases on to mature skin is not a good look!
She then got an ego and believed people would buy anything off her if it had her name on it, hence the fashion label which made a total of £5k last year… what a flop!
She either needs to completely re-brand and update, or give up in my opinion.
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