Plouise #3 Piano key teeth; space raider face; customer service is a disgrace

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‘They reckon it’s to do with the packaging’ ok so why are they using that packaging
Exactly!!! She bangs on SOO much about how much time and effort that SHE has put into “designing” and “formulating” her products… so surely they should be perfect?!! Yet the product is shit and the design of the packaging is also… shit?!! I saw a post she put up about a month or so ago basically blaming customers, saying that they’re not using the products correctly, and that they should ask for instructions! She won’t take any responsibility whatsoever for the fact that she’s putting out cheap substandard products that everyone is complaining about


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Word!!! Doesn’t do anything at all! It’s like a clear mascara. Doesn’t hold my brows, doesn’t shape or anything.
ive got the wonder wax which is meant to be tinted, dont know what they use in the videos because no pigment whats so ever. I kinda do like plouise one, it doesnt hold the brows but it does make product easier to apply in my opinion. Would not buy again


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Her micro company accounts are available. Anybody have a clue what the figures mean? No million pound figures on there lol
£15k I believe is the profit made by the academy last year. Also note that they’re stating they have zero employees?! Clearly still using self employed people (despite her going on about the number of BMI employees she has during the BLM protests last year!)
So £15k from the academy (split between her and her step dad), plus £5k (split two ways between her and Luke) - wonder when she’ll be returning the Lambo to the leasing company?!

Now we’re just waiting for the PL Distribution accounts…! That’s the big one (her makeup brand, diaries, “skincare” etc) - she’s made the most money in the past from that (I believe the most was £200k… not a million!) but we’ve watched her giving away stock and having sale after sale over the past year. We’ve also witnessed people working in that warehouse, so will be interesting to see how many employees she claims to have there 🙄


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ohh I feel cheated 😭
What a waste renting two lambo’s when you have only made a couple hundred thousand!
She’s all about the show though isn’t she? Has to brag about everything! I mean she claims to have cured her mums cancer simply by manifesting health for her! And she went to the Manchester Evening News to get them to write a rags to riches story about her (none of it was true!) She’s completely delusional in my opinion and she needs to pipe down. £200k is a good amount to be earning at her age - she should just be grateful for that… but with Paige, it’s never enough. She is just too egotistical in my opinion


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Her mum had cancer the same time as mine. Mine has private healthcare and was treated and operated on and given the all clear within a year and one day. Paige was using the NHS for her mum and buying her shit wigs. If your mum is your world give the Lambo back and pay for private healthcare for her.

Do you not think she’s a millionaire?
I can’t believe I have only just come across this thread. I thought she was loaded 😭😭
She is NOT a millionaire 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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