Pizzup - Mummy vlogger arranged meet-ups

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What are peoples thoughts on the event 'pizzup'? After watching the stories of lilandlife and marriedand29ish, it seems like it is so cringe. :oops:

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deffo think the woman who organises it does it for the followers. Looks alright night out but they pay for it then act like they are all in the gang. Ladies, you are just sheep and the group are raking it in on your behalf....Never gonna be in the gang...
I reckon it looks like it could be a fun night out if you went with your mates (love a bit of old skool garage) but a bit cringe if you’re going in hope of befriending a tier 3 instamum. I really liked all of the positive stories that Lorna did around her gentle csection
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I went to pizzup and can confirm marriedand29ish is just as she comes across on insta, full of herself and unapproachable. The night was fun but some of the ladies were a bit too self important. I think they would advocate wearing badges showing how many followers you had so they didn't waste their time speaking to anyone who wasn't going to boost their "tribe". Me and some friends just went for the music and a laugh so we had a good night and mrshayward was lovely.
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