Piers Morgan

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I think he’s been good on the coronavirus issue but he’s a populist.

Does he have staff? I’m suprised no question were asked about who the fourth person blurred out was (scroll down a bit in the article). I thought he was at home with his wife and daughter


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On the fence with piers,
Hate him as a person, hate him as a “journalist”

find he’s tweeting a lot of what needs to be said, but at the same time spinning a narrative he wants with his tweets, so some of the time it’s not so much facts he’s tweeting, it’s opinions dressed up as facts.

his ego will be his downfall because even if he’s right on a topic, people’s hatred of him cloud their judgement and they disagree just because it’s coming from him.

he’s an awful interviewer, no matter the guest he’s got no skills at interviewing because he wants to be front and centre.

I enjoy his twitter, but for entertainment purposes more than facts.


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Are we allowed to have a thread on Piers ?
He's got me shouting at the TV and in hysterics on GMB this morning ! I know he's like Marmite but I love him. He's very to the point and that's what I like 🤣
He's about as bright as Marmite as well, the fat-brained foghorn.

Totes love him. Agree with him 9/10 times. I love people who are direct and honest and don't mind not being liked.
Big fan of Hitler, are you?


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Why does someone always have to mention Hitler? OK, so you don’t like Piers Morgan but don’t compare him to someone who committed genocide against six million Jewish people. It’s a ridiculous comparison and one that shouldn’t be drawn.

I don’t like Donald a Trump but there is a video of some young millennials saying that he is worse than Hitler. I mean, what planet are they on?

Personally, I like Piers. He has been asking all of the questions we want answers to as of late.
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