Phillip Schofield #7 Drew back the curtain, to see for certain, that the injunction was still in place

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The picture with mm and his cousin "Hedley" that name has been mentioned previously, From a Twitter quote I've got brain fog but will try to find was along the lines of are you one of the M, Hedley or.......
It was the odd Twitter conversation with someone who just had initials (GS or GF or GD?) saying 'you don't know 'the lad'... you are playing into the hands of the defendants...' and someone else replied that.


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I’ve just had a look as of 10 February, Simon Schofield, who I still don’t know if he’s related to Phillip, was still tweeting, his twitter account is up.

apparently he will be doing a forthcoming tour including dancing and singing. He appears to have many strings to his bow but is a figure of great interest, sorry if this has already been on here.
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