Pheobe Court #10 Chickens, mansions, spas and more; I like to pretend to help the poor

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The advice to decline HV assessments is surely so silly. I know not everyone has great experiences with them but like her my friend had a terrible time with her HV & feeding advice. Yet that didn’t stop me seeing mine & infact getting some very reassuring help & advice from her about my baby.
then again not everyone has wonder kids who can get themselves out their double beds at 11 months old.
her she knows better than everyone attitude is rotten.


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She looks like she just got up 😂
She looks like she’s been dug up!!

I just don’t get why she would talk so much shite on social media. Why does that have to be documented? I don’t understand the whole Insta hun thing, but when I look like a sack of shit I just get on with it until I don’t. It’s not her ‘keeping it real’, she’s just seeking attention. If you want peace and quiet then do that but put your phone down.
It’s really sad that people are so low on comfort from their own families that every move is broadcast to make them feel better.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve escaped to the car a few times but I don’t sit there gurning into my phone on Instagram about how hard I’ve got it. Get a fucking grip. Put some music on, take a deep breath, give your head a shake and get back in there to deal with whatever’s next.

AND why the hell is she bothered about being vomited on, when her feet look more muddy than the flower beds down at Dobbies.


Can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually feel a bit sorry for her today. Imagine your life being so empty that you need strangers on Instagram to ask you questions. She should be soaking up every minute before her wee girl goes to school. They don’t stay little for long. 😢

ok that’s my one semi nice post done.
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