Pelvic organ prolapse

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Has anyone else suffered?

If so, what treatment did you find helped?

All the pelvic floor exercises aren’t helping and my GP is looking at referring me for surgery but it sounds horrific and I have two young children to look after so would prefer to avoid surgery.

I’ve been looking into this treatment:

But keep thinking that is sounds to good to be true.

Anyone had the surgery or this treatment that could give me some advice and tell me your experiences?
Pelvic floor exercises have never helped me to be honest, and just caused more pain in other areas!

My DD was born 9 years ago - traumatic birth, 3rd degree tear (ouchie!) and post-birth surgery.

I has post-birth physiotherapy but was told that within 5 years I would need corrective surgery. My pelvic floor, to be blunt, is on the floor. I sneeze, I leak. I laugh too much, I leak. If I'm really unlucky, I begin to pee myself. Luckily hasn't yet affected the other yet...

On top of all of this, I have back problems and sciatica - suspected to be from the spinal block from post-birth surgery.

I daren't go back to the doctors, incase they argue that the surgery needs to happen.... Not only am I scared shitless of the idea, but I literally cannot afford the time off work.

A couple of months ago, my husband suggested another baby.... You can guess my reaction :sneaky: :sneaky:

My last Doctor's appointment recommended pilates and yoga... I did attempt this, but the beached whale look isn't a good one :D:D
I’m sorry to hear that you have problems. But also know it’s very very common. Up to 3/4 women to some degree. I was also referred for surgery for pelvic organ prolapse as mine is bad. I didn’t want surgery so did lots of research and found lots to help.

There is lots you can do instead of surgery. Please don’t suffer alone.

See a woman’s health physiotherapist- GP can refer or you can pay privately. They can properly asses your pelvic floor and do lots to help. Often pelvic floor is too tight and needs to relax (opposite to what you think.) Often lots tension and stress held in that area.

Some women (myself included) find pessary worn internally works wonders. It needs to be fitted by a specialist who knows what they’re doing. Get one you can remove and insert yourself.

I found reading the book ‘Wild Feminine’ by Tami Lynn Kent and following the excercises really helpful. It’s a bit ‘out there’ but is excellent. Finding a practitioner who’s trained with her was a game changer.

Making sure you’re getting rest. Lying down with your feet/ legs up against the wall. Avoiding certain excercises like squatting - makes it worse.

You will have good days and bad days but you can help heal yourself x
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