Part Time Working Mummy #9

How did you get here?

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  • Came from the Rant

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Just wanted to say a quick hello! Long time lurker here. Originally joined last year after the Chris Ingham saga and came back on recently after the tattle rant by ptwm. I’m literally refreshing the threads every 10 minutes and have read every post over the last few weeks.

I’m also so glad Samantha has been able to come here and make her voice heard. It feels like a real sisterhood here ❤


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Hello all. I just wanted to say a quick hello and well done to you all. I have been lurking since thread 1 but always felt I had nothing to contribute. I was horrified at how the story built.

I have, this evening reported to action fraud and will support as I can.

Just a message to Sam. Well done and keep going. Your so strong and you have so much support here. I have witnessed a family member go through what you have and the truth always comes out, it takes time but it will come in the end. 👋


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Also a lurker!

All the other ‘influencers’ must be loving PTWM, she is definitely taking the heat off of them!

@Quickfyre I hope you are still here, to think another mother could allow you to have no contact with your boys truly sickens me. The system and their father have failed you and your boys, I just hope you get to have contact sometime soon ❤❤
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