Part Time Working Mummy #14 All the donations Wilby refunded soon?

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Has she ever been a service user of a refuge?

I am just wondering where all this comes from, as far as I can tell she was just as abusive and violent as her ex.

Someone please fill in the gaps or correct me if I’m wrong.


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I don’t like the way she refers women in refuge as “my warriors” 😓 they are not hers; they do not belong to her. They are vulnerable women having fled abusive situations and I doubt they even care about PTWM whilst dealing with surviving such a traumatic time.

There are always turnarounds in refuge, sometimes a woman stays for months and others just hours. Some women return to their partner for whatever reason, fear or love, others find suitable accommodation.

So it is impossible for her to claim them as “her warriors”, she doesn’t work in a refuge. She doesn’t work WITH a refuge, for God sakes it drives me mad because her followers will read that and think she does actually work with victims.

And THAT is how vulnerable people contact her for help. THAT is why people have donated.

“My warriors”? 🤦‍♀️ I would never say that at work. I’d say “my service users” when speaking to another agency, or their names to my colleagues or “the women in refuge”.

Warriors is cringe and just a silly term. It conjures up an image of some fighter with a big fork or axe or whatever and ready to fight some war. It’s chavvy.
Just another example of her massively inflated ego and sense of importance. I refuse to use the WTerm as it sounds so condecending and trivulising of such a serious situation. Her followers imagine she gets up at 6.30 drives to a refuge after getting all these women into refuge single handidly and works with them everyday, cooking them meals, helping them with benefit paperwork and helping with childcare. Ha what a joke that is, even if she was qualified and had all the relevant checks, she can't prize herself off the sofa let alone actually leave the house to properly do some work.
They are not YOUR warriors R, that's a made up term you gave wimen to big youself up and boost your ego that bit more.
It's women like you who are actually doing such good work that deserve the praise, not some lazy, devious, manipulative narsasist with not one drop of humility.


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