Oscars 2019

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What a year! Loved the lack of hosts and I think it gave it the casual feel that the Oscars have been desperate for.

Highlights for me;
  • Bradley Cooper & Gaga performing “Shallow” (him sitting next to her on the piano, oh boy)
  • Olivia Coleman winning Best Actress (Mark & Jeremy would be proud of you)
  • Spiderman winning Best animated feature (stunning film, well deserved, still showing in a cinema near you!)

Low points
- I am still confused how Rami Malek is a best actor?!?
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I haven't seen that Freddie Mercury movie admittedly, only a clip of the horrible editing on Twitter, but yeah I'm confused how it won best editing too?! So many unnecessary cuts!

I feel like maybe he won because its a biopic. The Oscars tend to love those and the actors in them. I also can't really take him seriously as his response on working with Bryan Singer has been really crappy and basically a 'not going to really address it angle'.

Love that Olivia won and it was lovely to see everyone's reactions/how much support she had as well!