NY resolutions for celebs

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It’s this time of the year again and I wish to express my utmost exhaustion with the following celeb SM posts:

- a Maldives getaway photo bonanza- we get it, you can afford to go to the Maldives and eat lobsters at breakfast whilst having your feet massaged by minions. Unless you get actual unicorns involved, not interested!

- a workout video- yes we KNOW you work hard for that body, but no one really needs to see you performing a crunch whilst suspended from the ceiling or going squats so deep we can see what you ate 3 days ago.

So there, what are you celeb NY resolutions?
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- Goallllllzzzz planning on some over complication planner/diary that they are obviously not going to write in again by tomorrow.

-Smash that exercise regime and start a special diet that is going to help them rEaCh thOse GoAlzzzzz and make gAinsSSs

- 'Develop' a new business or product
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