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Her whole family are fake twats, the sister runs a beauty suppliers and thinks she’s some sort of fashion dahling, harmless but fake as anything. The mother is a huge Trump lover who thinks the pandemic is a scam. Brain dead.


She's certainly gotten over whatever dreadful thing happened to make her go to a meeting, she's sure as hell making up for it now 😏

Also, writing about her drinking problem and mentioning the 'Special Brew and grubby hands', an alcoholic is an alcoholic regardless. Like her festival and homeless comment. 🙄
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"Never a need to spend £90 on leggings" yet yesterday she was trying to flog an eye mask for £50 and is currently selling a cap in her store for £25. The mind boggles!
And the £60 NFD leggings that were being promoted at the start of April - that was okay then?
I started following when she was talking a lot about how she was always the life and soul of the party, didn’t know when to stop and Jimmy was always trying to drag her home. I wasn’t aware until I came onto these forums that she’s actually blogged about having a problem with alcohol. But obviously if you’re sober you don’t get to be an ASDA wine ambassador and reels about how you’ve definitely not given up drinking during the pandemic.
It’s not until I came on here looking for good celeb gossip that you then realise you’ve been absolutely naive and taken someone at face value, when all they really want to do is ‘sell’.


Had to unfollow, seriously can't stand watching any of her posts or stories anymore. What a twatwaffle...
Me too - I just realised that watching her wasn’t even entertaining me any more. She clearly reads here but won’t address anything that doesn’t fit with her ‘narrative’ - eg alcohol. It got to the tipping point and the ‘unfollow’ button was clicked!
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