Ninja - Fortnite Twitch Streamer With Dyed Hair

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I don't know much about this guy other than the viral videos.

But he comes off as such a salty douch. He makes millions a month and lots from people subscribing on twitch that costs $5 a month if you don't have amazon prime.

Compares himself to major sports stars all the time and has no humility at all.

He complains over people killing him in a game where the whole point is to kill each other!

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Yeah he's naturally gifted at gaming in general as his parents just let him play games I believe, but Fortnite is his speciality. He is really good at it. I think he's a bit of a sell out letting Red Bull be his sponsors and acting as if the drink makes him as good as he is. That stuff is packed with caffeine and colours and is really bad for you. I worked with a guy who drank a few cans and nearly died, no joke! So yeah even though Red Bull sponsorship bought his house, I think it's deceptive to pretend as if they have anything to do with his skills and success. They do it all the time though, like fast food restaurants advertising as sporting events.

I think he is bound to get a big ego due to the level of hero worship he receives, I try not to pay attention to him, I think he has been lucky to be so good at a very popular game, but if Fortnite disappears and a new game comes out, let's hope he's as good or his popularity will plummet. I remember a time when everyone was talking about Wun Wun and Jumbo when Agario was big, a couple years later it was all over.