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We know you saw this yesterday as you addresses a comment I made here about not responding to genuine questions which doesn't involve your suppliers etc. You always say we can DM you if we have questions but then why leave the message seen and not respond? Yet you've got the time to write a full blown essay here?
I most likely would have read it when I woke up in the night and didn't reply at the time so I didn't wake you. I'm the same with my Whatsapp. Then with the intention to follow up, I may have forgotten or if it was around the time of my laser eye surgery, I may have lost it as I had an influx of questions. I hope you can see that I genuinely care otherwise I wouldn't be taking the time to address the concerns on here directly. I know it's odd for me to even be part of this thread. I wouldn't have intentionally missed any genuine DM as I try to answer as many as possible each day. If you'd feel comfortable to send it to me again, I will be sure to answer you x
Really nice of Niki to respond to be fair - it was unfair of me to put her in the same bag as other Indian influencers.
I still find her confusing - doesn’t wanna do beauty and fashion but then does a nars ad but I respect her for actually taking the time to write


Has anyone listened to Anchal’s podcast? She’s on a recent episode. Was very surprised to hear how raw and open she was on it. No bs, just really upfront
If only we could all get some casual composite bonding to her ‘wedding ready’ how vain do you have to be be.
Starting to turn on her again, especially after she sent Erim that housewarming gift. You’re a product of who you hang out with.


The dentist visits are probably gifted which is why she’s doing it. All these influencers are the same!

Also, her thread is so boring which is a testament to the content she puts out! Was weird that she sent erim a housewarming gift but doesn’t mean they’re friends. Could just be a strategic thing as erim is more popular and was likely to post it on her stories
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