New titles and trophy points

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The trophy points have been disabled - just seemed a bit confusing.

Added some new statuses; once you get over 10'000 likes you're Iconic!

But if you get that high and want something else just PM me :)
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I am honoured to be an iconic tatty tattler... ?
I’m aiming for tattle princess and then iconic queen
But does this mean I spend too much time here, or that I’m a massive bitch ?
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You're one of just three, for better or worse :LOL:

I can only dream of being iconic, will take me 2 more years at this rate :geek:
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Have the titles changed again?
I’ve been un-iconic..... ed ?
I’m heading to GG I’m just not appreciated here, get me 18 new born kittens and the brown m&m’s STAT!!!!
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Ha iconic isn't the first word I'd use for Britney, doubt she even knows what her name is most of the time ?

I've not heard of whoever this GG is

Think an update reset them, it'll come back don't worry ;) bit busy with all the zoflora intoxicated posts - hundreds flagged over the last week
I've got 10,000 likes! Do I not win a prize? Or at least swipe ups or something? This will not stand!
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The iconic was retired - 4 people got it and 3 of those left the site shortly after. It's a curse!
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How weird Sherlockhuns hit 10k and vanished like the others! It really is a curse!
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I've just hit 10k! *waits for tattle curse to kick in*
Don't know whether to feel proud or ashamed 😂

Are we still allowed to pick a handle name? I wanna be known as a "Tattle Leg-end"
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What do the different titles mean? Do you need to post a certain no of times?
It's based on your reaction score (the number of 'likes' - or other reactions -that your posts get).

I have no idea what the numbers are though as I never noticed whenever I changed title <not very observant>
5,000 likes is VIP, it says above 10,000 is iconic but a few people I’ve seen have over 10,000 but don’t have the iconic title, maybe it’s changed?
I have a question of burning importance but not great urgency.

How does one climb the slippery ladder from Well-known to Active to Chatty and VIP and beyond?

I see that minniemouse had roughly the same question. She was asking out of curiosity; I am a shameless social climber.

Thank you!
You post more to get the title to change, 100 posts, 250 posts, 500 posts and so on
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