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What happened to that guy? At one point he was everywhere, now it’s been 4 years since his solo album and nothing.
I know he had a baby with Charlotte Ronson (he always looks so unhappy on her Instagram) & has been writing bits for other people e.g Pink! ‘Walk me Home’
In 2015 he said at a live show this would be his last show for a long while. I hope he isn’t “over” and will release some new stuff at some point. Obviously FUN sadly isn’t going to happen but I’d settle for some Solo stuff.
I wondered that too. I wasn't that into Fun (I loved their first album and The Format's album) but didn't really follow his solo stuff. I know Jack started doing Bleachers so I assumed they'd broke up/went on hiatus anyway.

According to his Twitter he performed at a benefit concert in December but he's barely updated in the last few years. Very weird.
Agree about The Format and Aim & Ignite. There were some great songs on Some Nights - All Alone, Out on the town and Jumping the shark- before Eminem got hold of it.
Apparently Fun had booked studio time and we ready to start working on the third album. Then Nate got in his words a “little precious” about the new songs he’s written, didn’t want other people’s input so effectively broke up the band. Which was a real shame, as Nate’s solo stuff - although effectively the third Fun album lost something without the other twos input.
There are mixed reports as to when jack stated working on Bleachers- before or after the hiatus announcement. Not that it matters as responsibility of the parting of ways seems to be in Nate’s court.
Fun say they are on hiatus not broken up, however unless Jack suddenly needs some cash- which seems very unlikely. I can’t see then regrouping.
The benefit concert in December - sadly Nate didn’t play anything of his own , simply one song and a cover. It’s on YouTube. Good that he’s doing something after a long time though. (Talking about youtube, there’s a fun live stream on there, that nate did in 2000). I do wish he’d done the Brits with Pink to sing Just give me a reason, instead of Dan from Bastille - who really struggled to reach the notes.
I did consider if he was taking a break due to depression/anxiety issues he has mentioned in interviews. The only reason i think this is because of the photos on Charlottes insta. If someone I knew looked as he did a year or so ago, I’d be very worried.
It could be nothing, he might really really hate having his photo taken lol but it’s not a massive jump to connect the two.
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