Naomiella #7 Kids being ill is no good for the gram. Drag them out poorly for horse riding spam

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Do you know what I just think she is an awful person I really do! Flaunting her new designer bag 🥱 not once have I ever seen her do ANY good with her 'platform' it's always the same she won't do anything unless it benefits her! Never seen her help out a charity or just giving page nothing! It says alot doesn't it.. she's shallow through and through and would be lost without Jordan funding her lifestyle, hence why she clings to him so much- cannot stand her!
She's just so out of touch with reality it's actually a joke, she has a nanny and more date nights than I've had hot dinners, such a weak woman. That bullshit how she never eats breakfast - my heart breaks 🙄🥱🥱 most of us don't have the luxury of having a nanny, maybe get up earlier if it bothers you that much. She's got a nice life but she is always moaning about something! There's people in this country who's kids sometimes don't even have a proper dinner because there parents can't afford it she boils my blood.


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God, could she be any more irritating. I can’t see any parents now thinking she is relatable. If anything she’s becoming even more unrelatable……still a c**t though!
I’m so busy, I don’t have time….but you have a nanny and a crap excuse for a ‘job’. How does she think every other normal parent does the morning routine?!?


Kids were sick yesterday, she's ill today and yet she's dragging them all out in this horrendous weather. I get Jordan isn't going to be around much but plans change. You accept life is never going to run smoothly when you have kids.
No wonder those poor boy babies are always so ill, coupled with the poor diets.
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