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Just wanted to start a thread and see if there are any fellow current/past nannies (especially to the stars/royals). No need to reveal who your work for of course. Just interested in people sharing tips and stories!!!
Past nanny 👋 hated it! Experienced included:
-packing a bag for the husband when his wife kicked him out (his crime? Wanted to go to the pub to watch the ‘rugger’)
- being told I could have an affair with husband so she didn’t have to have sex with him
- Driving almost 40 miles to retrieve a missing toy because neither parent could be bothered
- expected to take the kids out, out of my wages
This was my first experience. The second one was much better. Stayed home with twin babies whilst mum had older 2. The dad was an absolute wanker and I once had to rescue a sheep, but it was a lovely family.
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