Naga Munchetty

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Reckon modern day expectations of women probably have something to do with it - women aren't expected to be honest and a bit snarky

She seems perfectly fine to me personally, it's funny that it seems mostly men and older people get offended by her existing, even when it's not her who instigates an exchange between people
Naga is miles ahead of Susanna Reid etc who are just carboard cutouts of one another, yet Naga gets a lot of hatred for having a subtle sense of humour.


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Charlie wasn’t mocking the flag- he was mocking the SIZE of the flag. And it’s gotten lost in the hysteria that Charlie was the one who made the comment, not Naga. What is it about the intelligent non white woman that causes so much anger 🤔

I despair.
Wasn't it also upside down according to one report?

That's a sign of distress which is amusing.
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