Nadia Sawalha #5 when 6 weeks of lockdown gives your house more bacteria than a Covid19 swab

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See he’s still wearing that many days🤢

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Go read the comments on this one😆
Whoa! So. Much. Truth. I wonder how M copes with the unfiltered comments. There's a clear divide between the militant sycophants and anyone who can see the car crash for what it is (aka the 'troll' brigade). I read a few comments and all were fair and balanced observations of the horror they have witnessed.

What a contrast with Andrea McLean's, esp when you have two slightly older teens (that are both actually teens), two adults and one dog in a much smaller space (indoors and out). It even shows how she preps her own curly hair of a certain age pre-LW appearance. Do you think that's where N got the idea? She's never had an original idea of her own. :ROFLMAO:

Oh and the contrast between Andrea's son calmly getting on with his work at the kitchen counter, before being offered an unconditional offer for University and N bleating on about Maddie pining for her boyfriend (I won't lower myself to comment on her singing, as she is a child). I wonder what his parents think about N mentioning their son on TV and in print every five minutes cos she has Jack sh*t else to talk about? I wonder if they watch the channel. 🤔
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So Nadia is still insisting she’s a key worker...would she still be saying that if she read this..
[Key Workers are people whose jobs are vital to public health and safety during coronavirus lockdown]
[Key Workers and their families have been able to order tests for coronavirus online from 24 April ]
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