Mrs Meldrum #66 Lee's hairline is receeding faster than Edgy's influencer career!

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New thread title suggested by @Ginfluenced !

Hey guyzzz!
welcome to a new thread!!
apparently mrs meldrum has been on a go slow this week.
So if you haven’t received one of those coveted messages in your inbox, don’t you worry!
She’s desperate to contact everyone, possibly because she has no friends. 😐

If you’re not too exhausted guys,
get cosy in your leggings with a hot cup of tea,
And come and say hello to the new thread 🙂 some might say it’s a thread of dreams!!


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Not being funny bit given that a lot of people know exactly where they live, the girls walking way ahead of Pat and a edgy in the woods today and then out of sight made me really uncomfortable, it takes a second for something to happen. She puts her little girls out to the world, can she honestly believe that all her followers are genuine?


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What did they do before they had the fireplace of dreams though? And what will they do when Reb uses her last £1.50 to rip the whole thing out, moves the kitchen to the cold, uninviting living room and has a kitchen right at their front door.....

She’ll say it’s because the feral one can’t write but I’m sure her big sisters could have helped.. that was the case in my house growing up, I wrote my younger siblings letters for them.

poppy had probably worked her quota for the day though so was on her 20 min break from Instagram
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