Mrs Meldrum #58 Feral pops is on the weed, i’m so so tired...aren’t I Lee?

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Am new to The Meldrums and have been speed reading previous threads.

Am particularly intrigued about the unfortunate history surrounding their current house.

Am I correct in assuming that her Insta career took a nosedive in the months following the big move?

I can't help but feel that that house is huge part of the problem - huge doses of self entitlement aside etc.

What I'm getting at is that tragic events
have a way of stagnating in the atmosphere - Rebecca if you're reading this I would seriously consider having your house spiritually cleansed.

I'm really shocked that a family with young children would move into a house where a recent murder had taken place. That would have really haunted me growing up.


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I’ve never known anyone complain as much in my entire life.
This woman can literally sit at home all day and do nothing but can’t deal with the stress of cooking dinner for her children at a night time? But she can go to the gym, get her nails done and do some ads! Priorities.


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How social media works......
from the view point of a bitter ass “influencer”


And now...
how social media works for normal people, who don’t sell their families childhood for cash!

influencer uploads a vlog with a racist comment in.

general public speak out.

influencer thinks she better than everyone and ignores her viewers and their concerns.

general public refuse to fund her lifestyle anymore and discuss her fall from grace with like minded folk 😬
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