Mrs Meldrum #44 So so tiny, still whiny, advertisers departed, still poses like she’s farted!

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“Brand Ambassador” 🤣🙈 oh that has made me giggle.
Never known anyone so full of their own misplaced self importance!
Give us a break Reb - your not a “brand ambassador”

Some wee rich lad (and his daddy)you knew in uni has opened a shitty gym in an industrial unit down the road from your house. He’s letting you use the place for free. That’s it. You are more of an ambassador for Checkpea salad than for the health & fitness industry.
And no one is buying this “transformation” either - what a load of absolute bullllllllllhonkey. Using a year old photo as your “before” photo and hammering the fake tan & bleach for your “after” photo isn’t exactly stealth. An idea cooked up by your idiot of a “PT” no doubt?! (A PT with seemingly no qualifications to speak off who lists himself as a model first and foremost? What a joke!!!!)

That daft photo of an octopus is nothing more than her desperate attempt at generating engagement- how sad.


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I think not posting pics of her holiday has probably been driving her mad she loves to show off her hols. So she took the chance to post a hol pic and probably thought oh this makes me look like the good mother holding cute poppy and showing her local culture bet shes pissed it back fired as she will have been thinking everyone would gush oh it looks like a wonderful holiday, you look a lovely shade of orange please show us some more instead she now has octogate🤣 she really is a twat.


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She really has gone lower than I ever thought! That face on her stories about a "fucking octopus" (her words). You really are a vile creature Becky and you clearly read here cos the "drama" as you put it is light on your Insta compared to here so 🤷‍♀️ Those people you are being condescending towards are your followers, the people who actually like you 😂😂😂 (god help them) I give up 🙈 So should you love!!!


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How How How can she be fucking tired!!!!!!!! She does not work!!!!!!! And has pat the Pratt there. God I am fuming she has NO clue of real life!!!!!!! Was at work at 7.30 got home 20 mins ago no break, photocopied work all through 45 mins lunchbreak. Karma must please come to her SOooon!!!😠


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The very sad thing about all this is that octopus probably had a higher IQ than her.
Even after the poor thing was dead it would have more intelligence than her.

I seriously would not have believed the stupid woman and an octopus would be in the same drama. She really is a nasty ignorant piece of shit if she's having a go at people offended by her pic. Stupid, stupid woman. She really is a one woman shit show isn't she?


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Heartless cow that literally knows nothing about the world around her. What an absolute muppet.
However I’m pretty sure if she was gifted some veggie/vegan food or paid to talk about animal welfare she wouldn’t have a problem.

Reb put your bloody phone down, fold away your Boden stripey tops and read up on the world

This person is having laugh right?


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