Mrs Meldrum #44 So so tiny, still whiny, advertisers departed, still poses like she’s farted!

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I think this comment says it best.


Most people are total hypocrites with this, many meat eaters happy to eat awfully produced battery farm food but the sight of a head or anything that reminds them of a dead animal is too much.

All done on purpose of course as comments are the best enagement to help boost.

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If she's really in McDonalds does that mean Asda Aberdeen has been graced with her presence today? .........maybe for that long awaited Asda food haul, even after Pat blew the budget in Tesco's on Quavers and fizzy sweets 🤣
Also going on in vlog about having " too much stuff" then posting pictures of yet more new clothes 🤪


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Oh so Mrs M has now been upgraded to “ambassador” of the Unit Gym...🙄

Wft does that mean? Gifted membership for life now instead of the year? Unlimited PT freebies?!

Some ambassador she is when her fitness transformation is a lie 😡
Ambassador who does she think she is!! Omg I can’t shes such a knob!!! Defo gifted pt as well!! She can’t help herself such a lair!!


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I honestly respect everyone’s decisions on what they eat and purposely don’t ram mine down other people’s throats. That picture, for someone who is a vegetarian, is bloody awful. I don’t object to others eating meat and even my own children eat meat as I want them to make up their own minds, but come on! Surely she must know that picture is going to shock/offend some people. Makes me feel physically sick. So why post it when you know it may have that kind of reaction? It’s just bizarre 🤷‍♂️

Well explained. I too am veggie and I can’t look at that. I know a lot of meat eaters who do not eat octopus (my man for one example) because research has shown they are almost as intelligent as humans (for sure more intelligent than the meldrums- not hard)

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Octopus post. Haven’t read comments yet - will have a scroll through now.
Oh that’s just horrible why would she post this it’s vile I don’t eat meat or meat products because of modern farming it’s utterly barbaric , I don’t goon about it because i can’t be responsible for others conscience ,only my own but the cruelty around sea food is horrible I purposely avoid looking at stuff like this , how can she not see the issue here !


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So she is now an 'ambassador' for the unit (Definitely some Forerro Rocher jokes ahoy) ..she is sorry it must be boring for us having to keep tell us that the gym is gifted on all posts as we all no we are fine about you following rules , also the Ambassador is new to us haven't mentioned that before. Hope Muddy Mummy gets to be an ambassador too as she has been spending her money there for a few years !!
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