Mrs Meldrum #44 So so tiny, still whiny, advertisers departed, still poses like she’s farted!

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Someone on the last thread said she needs to scrub her hands after putting fake tan this is the woman cant be arsed to take her make up off on a night or who doesn't even shower all day after going to the gym in the morning. Fake tan on her hands is probably the least of her worries dirty mare 🤢 It does make you wonder about her general hygiene tho.


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I just don’t get it.
She’s complaining about untidiness and saying she needs to join the “organised mum method again but WHAT THE FUCK DOES SHE DO ALL DAY???

There are a lot of us on here.. I assume most of us have kids, partners, pets, full time or part time jobs or even stay at home parents, work at home parents blah blah blah and we are all full capable of running a household and a family???? Neither LEE or REB work they do sweet F all. Their editing is fucking appalling so they don’t spend time doing that. She clearly has no paid sponsorships and even when she did she put shit all effort in.
How can she be too busy to tidy? Too busy to do an online shop?

What is wrong with this women? She’s 30 with 3 kids why isn’t she a responsible adult?

** sorry for rant but know you all understand😂


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Evening all, just catching up. Love the thread title, there were a few cracking ones that made me laugh just now, on a roll tattlers!
I'm laughing, I was still at work when her vlog went live, a workmate texted me saying 'ffs how boring is she banging on about her shopping as if people care?' That workmate is a sheep, thinking I still was. Seems like there are more and more wakening up to her.

I read the comments just now, some people really are beyond help.... 'I love how you plan to use up the coleslaw with the pizzas and baked potatoes" 😂😂😂... The Meldrums MUST have more fun reading tattle with that kind of shit posted! 😂😂😂
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