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I’m loving how this thread has kept on going despite them still being MIA. I hope they do come back so I can rip Becsy apart for blocking me after I opened up about being terminally ill at the age of 24. It really pisses me off how much she complains that she has life hard like I’ll never have children, watch them grow up, have grandchildren, I’ll be lucky to get married, I’m lucky to get out of bed & wake up each day, I spend my life in hospital & she literally complains about having a life where she’s gifted everything, lives in a huge (I know it’s ugly) house, has 3 gorgeous children, is married to a man who loves her ( I have a partner who gave up work to care for me so I’m lucky in that sense as he’s 100x better than Lee), all 5 of them are healthy, she gets to travel & go on holiday in both the UK & abroad for free most of the time & can use her own two legs & doesn’t require a wheelchair. I know I sound jealous but she has it so bloody easy & she has the cheek to be moody, sulky & complain about her oh so hard life 😡


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Well yeah, Ella’s Kitchen are a shit show anyway, completely over priced. Nothing but another big corporate machine making as much money as possible.

I don’t believe for a second that the Meldrums donated anything. If they had it would have been filmed to death or at least mentioned a million times.
As someone who works closely with CFINE I can categorically confirm they turned up without a donation, didn't stay long, wasn't interested unless the camera was on and they were embarrassed at how she looked down her nose at people (going as far as refusing to talk to people using the food bank when she was given the opportunity).

Still sound like someone who visited to be charitable? Or someone who went as part of a paid advert where press would be present!


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Police officer here and can prove it if anyone doubts it.

They cannot trace you, they do not have your IP address.
She would need to have a warrant issued to tattle to release the IP addresses to the police- they wouldn’t hand them over to her.

The owner of tattle could get their own legal advice before handing over any information.

Essentially it could be dragged out for months.

Irrelevant though because it quite simple isn’t true, there is no crime and the police will not help them with anything that’s been said on tattle.
If she is receiving direct messages that’s a different matter but the process would still be the same.
The police would get a warrant that would force Instagram to hand over the IP address, the police would investigate but the identity/ip address/phone number would not just be handed over to the meldrums. There is due process and innocent to proven guilty etc


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Have been reading this thread since 2 weeks ago when Mrs M left and I really just had to make this account to share my thoughts.
1. I did enjoy reading more about the DLP trip as it confused me at first and I wasn't clear with what happened until i read on here, so I'm glad I've finally got to read what really went down. Same with other ADs she has posted.
2. However, I don't agree with all of the hate regarding the St Andrew's video. Correct me if I'm wrong but Mrs M wasn't the one who said the racist remark nor did she laugh at it or reply to it, as she did not hear it! I watched the video twice and didn't hear it so it's understandable if she missed it. The important thing was is that when she was called out for it she removed it and apologised. People on here are going on as if she hasn't apologised. Her apology seems genuine to me, she admitted she should be more careful as it's her responsibility for what goes on her channel and she made it clear she'd never say anything like that. People on here are way too quick to call her racist with is total character defamation as she has never made any racist remarks.
Cue everyone accusing me of being Rebecca or Lee since you all only think your opinion is correct.
She didn't say it, no.
She did hear it as she reacted in the video.
Whoever did the editing decided to include it.
She had feedback instantly. She didn't apologise, just muttered something about it being bad taste.
She didn't remove it.
She put up a photo of a t shirt, stating no fucks given.
She still didn't remove it.
She dubbed over it with music, very badly.
She didn't remove it.
She started to get called out by other influencers.
She didn't remove it.
She attempted to say she had a friend in a woman of colour, Candice, who stated they had never met.
She didn't remove it.
She was called out by other influencers.
She still didn't remove it.
She had a great weekend and on Sunday was full of the joys.
She didn't remove it.
Hours later an 'apology' (I'd not describe it as such)
She then removed it.

No, you are right, she didn't say it.


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It's obvious what they will do now. Keep their heads down and go on the holiday, because heaven forbid they don't get to go with their chums, take Safiyah out school again to stick her in kids club all day every day and some evenings so the parents can paddle board, mooch around the local town and read by the pool, oh and they couldn't possibly miss the pancakes and chocolate spread with strawberries or showing off veruccas new beach bod .

Then they will come back and it will be "Hi guys, I'm so so sorry I have been away for so long without an explanation. I was seriously affected by what happened and my mental health took a serious hit. I decided not to come back at all. I know not noticing the comment was bad when editing, but the trolls have really blown it out of proportion and attacked me for it. For my own well being I stayed away. We went on holiday and I was advised not to because it would give them more ammunition to rip me to shreds again. Honestly, I needed to get away though, to escape. I'm so so so glad I did as it gave me time to reflect and realise I'm not going to let them win. So so so many of you have sent lovely messages but if you look on my social media there's been alot of hate. We need to stand up against bullies and not let them win so I am back for you guys. I'm still struggling but will do my best to give you good content (so don't moan when it's just as shit cause I have mental health problems okurrr!)


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Lets be fair to these sheep, it's been a tough week for them what with losing Jeremy Kyle from the TV, the return of Mrs Meldrum must be such a relief for them!

I can just imagine them rattling round their homes in the dark, dehydrated and with dirty sinks without her to tell them how to drink water, open curtains, turn on lights and clean up!


Hey - first time posting.. I've read loads of the other threads and I am now fully converted! Little bo beep has lost a sheep! 😅
Meld has been doing my head in for a while with her lazy editing, constant ads and unrelatable content.

Two things that really annoy me:

1, The constant reminders that YouTube is her job. That it's the money earner. I don't rave about my job and tell my mates that I'm being paid to do it. It's just your job. Do it well and be proud of it. Actually put some effort in. Poor editing could be excused at the beginning but there is no pride in the work. 'Title text here', poor editing between shots (especially in hauls) and terrible background music transition into speech.. or just missed music all together. I think her comment about missing the racist comment during her edit is probably fair.. considering her poor attention to detail. (I am not condoning it at all. She reacted to the comment - the eye roll - so should have been more vigilant!)

2, The ads. I understand it is a part of the job but its these daft ads that she says how much she loves a product but we've never seen her use or talk about it before. It feels disingenuous and therefore everything else that is said feels the same to me. I remember this time last year an ad for a £400 air purifier. Where is that now!? Was it only seen in that advert?!

Anyone else agree that Rebs' content has plummeted in quality since announcing they were selling their house!?


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Some subjects have been done to death but there are 40 threads on the Meldrums (which is about 2000 pages). I certainly wasn’t here from the start, and I doubt many people have read them all.

The house is a fascinating topic so let’s not get too annoyed about it. People shouldn’t feel unwelcome or hesitant to comment about the Meldrums and their sh*t show here. I’m sure we all agree that the more sheep who shed their fleece the better!


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Check out Lees bio on Linked In 😂 cliche after cliche.

View attachment 17716
He’s missed out so much though ‘skills also include, in no particular order; motivational speaking (shouting goooooooo *insert name* ye wee belter), culinary skills (best curry soup and dippy eggs in NE Scotland), housekeeping, waste management (flytipping), animal care (remembering to feed the guineapigs), working under pressure (the wife), pest control (block and delete the trolls) plus many hobbits’


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If anyone needs an example of modern day white privilege in action all they need to is look at the facts of what went on here. Never mind the original KKK comment being left up on the channel, or the shitty cover with music, or the instastory with the 'I don't give a fuck' t-shirt, she used a black woman as a human shield to deflect negative attention from herself. She saw nothing wrong in using Candice as buffer for her own shitty, narrowminded behaviour. Her pathetic excuse for an apology came only when shit really hit the fan and she felt the need to do damage limitation. It was so vague because she wanted as few people to know of her shitty behaviour as possible.

That apology never extended, either directly or indirectly, to Candice. Based on her current and past behaviour I sincerely doubt she did it privately. We'd have all heard about what a wonderful person she thinks she is by now if she had. She could have used this as a opportunity to learn and grow. I mean, fuck me if the Daily fucking Mail is calling you up on your racism you really do need to address your life choices. She could have spent these last two weeks looking into the history of white supremacy and privilege so that when she returned she could address it from a more informed place and not made herself look like an absolute idiot. At the very least she could have read Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race and pretended she was suddenly enlightened ala Mother Pukka!

But in Edgy's world she can do no wrong. That girl was not raised right.


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So I dipped out of here at the beginning of December, I think, because the sheer amount of fuckery this woman gets up to was not good for my blood pressure. Wow, I've missed a lot! I've spent the last few days catching up and I have some thoughts.

Firstly, all these people asking if Reb is ok, have any of them thought to ask Candice if she's ok? I want to say I'm shocked by a white woman using a black woman as a buffer from the backlash over her own white privilege, but honestly I'm not. I think this is a prime example of how our white centric society is so blinded to the damage everyday racism causes. And the fact that Reb thought it was ok to use Candice in that way (and wasn't it the week before this that Candice's young daughter experienced racism at school?) just shows the exact type of person she is.

Honestly, I don't think she'll see that what she's done is wrong at all. She'll have all her white middle class friends telling her that of course it's not her fault. It was just a silly, offhand joke that she didn't even make herself. And tell her that she did Candice a favour by promoting her, because none of them have any bloody concept of the wider issues. Because they're all pig ignorant because it's not an issue that effects them.

I think she's taking a break like MOD did after she was called out on her bullshit. It's to avoid actually having to deal with any of the shit she causes. such a shock! MOD was back after a month, I bet the Meldrum's will be, too.

Racism aside, I saw something that really made me think yesterday. Someone had done article on this years Tony Award nominees. Adam Driver was quoted a saying something along the lines of, "If we're expecting 900 people to take two hours out of their lives to come and see us then we have to make it worth their while." So a famous Oscar nominated Hollywood actor believes he needs to do his best for his audience or it's not worth it, and then you have these influencers, particularly Rebecca, pushing out shit content and expecting us to be grateful for it. Ads pay the bills, sure, and I think most viewers are willing to watch a balanced amount of ads in exchange for content. But that content has to be good. I haven't watched anything from Mrs Meldrum in months but if it's the same as it was late last year then it's half-arsed shit. You could tell Rebecca wasn't even enjoying making it.

Personally I think she'd be much happier getting off the influencer train sooner rather than later.


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I'm bored with it all now😴😴😴. Seriously, I can't be arsed. What has my life become if I'm committing myself to be remotely bothered about how her life will unfold after this massive cock up. I'm hibernating. I couldn't give a flying fuck as to how her stupid life unfolds now. She gets whatever she's got coming to her. Over and out. I've enjoyed your company Tattler's on this thread. Enjoy😘


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No 3. I actually never realised that Paddy was referencing the Irish. Have learnt something there.
No4. Totally unfair. She actually wasn't talking with Jamaican accent. She thought she was. She was in the midst of labour and high on gas an air.
No 5. Imitating an accent. Depends on the intent. If imitating an accent of an upper class aristocrat, apparently that's ok. Imitating a coloured person isn't, as generally a coloured person suffers racist abuse in other forms, upper class aristocrat don't.
Just a warning that “coloured person” is not an acceptable term either.


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oh my god

She’s got her belly button pierced 🤣👍

I was wondering why she was wearing a daft cropped top to do cleaning in and why she was constantly flashing her belly....


Ermmmm 1998 called and asked for it’s “teenage rebellion” back.

Grow up Rebecca for fuck sake.
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