Mrs Hinch #89 flogging her eBay dress, but poor Ronnie bless ‘im isn't allowed to make mess

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I do this because you shouldn't put fabric conditioner in with towels. So I do clothes with a washing tablet and fabric conditioner then do towels separately with just a washing tab. You’re towels stay fluffy and soft for longer and absorb more moisture this way. But you can do it either way, I’m just too stingy to buy towels so make them last as long as I can ☺.
On another note, someone mentioned Sophie’s nose scrunching when she smiles, it’s a classic sign in someone who’s had too much botox/filler.
Wait, you shouldn’t use conditioner with towels? I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. 😂


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I've been to boarding school and been in the military so the one I'm most used to is when 'Mark Radcliffe' (for example) gets known as 'Radders'. Although it does make me cringe.
As a military brat myself, that I have seen. I feel like she's dropping letters off the end of her last name to make a new surname in its own right, its almost as if "Hinchliffe" sounds too 'posh' for her "just common ol' Soph from the village" persona....


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Another Lincolnshire tattler here 🖐
I really hope I know some of you lincs tattlers!!

cant find the previous comment but sunny Skeg tattler here!🙌🏻

sorry if it’s been posted, struggling to keep up between uni work.The food on Ronnies bib and tray look very much staged 🙄 “look guyyyyzzzz he does get messy my little handsnomes!”
i'm just down the road from Skeg!


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Only JDog was there I assume.
Joe bless im actually still has to go to work he didn’t get to take a career break .
stacey got pissed off at him cause he went to Mauritius for This Morning 😂😂

oh god just had a thought is Hinch gonna be going to DOI to support Joe as they are all Besties! Couldn’t stand to see her face flashing up whilst I’m enjoying the skating!
I don't think she will cos she can't filter the screening.

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Why does she keep buying Ronnie cheap tat from Ebay? That play mat the other day said “UK Stock” on the swipe up photo which almost always means shipped from China. The packaging on those booties looks suspect too. Wonder if they comply with UK safety testing?? There’s trying to be relatable in your fake ass life then there’s being pure stupid. No doubt a booty swipe up will follow now and the odd snap of him wearing them before they’re whipped off and thrown in his drawer once she’s earned her tenner.


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I just think it's hilarious when instagram is down and her little 'hinchers' can't get their fill of her and then Soph says she was so bored without instagram (get a life woman!). Same as when for example she was in hospital for ages and her little 'hinchers' were voicing their concerns on twitter over it and I bet Soph loved that, having everyone drawn in like that.


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Oh ffs I won’t be able to watch that one.
her prancing around giving it the little ole me.
Hopefully she doesn’t fall over and hurt herself poor little Soph from the village.
be funny to see what she looks like though under all those lights
Now this I'd love to watch. Imagine how MANIC she'd be amidst all the excitement 🤭 If the judges said anything negative her followers would all turn up and demand vengeance. There's be camera angles of her that did not paint her in a good light and she would have a meltdown! She'd really show herself up for the shit show of a person she is and it would be epic!!

What the hell are those boots she’s got him
Naww he needs them cos he does has footz and he is handsnomes, grey of course guyyyyysssssss 😉 (insert terrifying fake cackle that she thinks is cute for a baby)
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