Mrs Hinch #71 Jizzy water ball, salty stews, Hinch’s veg rack makes the news!

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New thread title thanks to @GrabThePopcorn with a huge 107 likes!! 🎊🎉

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This is an incredibly special moment for me. The bored train journeys scrolling tattle, the double screening while my BF moans that I'm not paying attention, the stolen moments on the loo... they have all led to this - My first thread title. Thank you all you bunch of mean trolls, you're actually pretty sound

F the dust.

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Not sure why people these days are so insistent baby groups are the answer to everything. I hated them, my child hated them even more. He goes to one a week because its themed, he learns and everyone is lovely. Before one baby groups didn't benefit him in the slightest and I gave up as i couldn't be bothered to pay for the privilege of sitting around people I didn't particularly want to talk to.
Me too, full of bitches whos kids did no wrong or who acted superior..awful places ( in my own experience)


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Back with a vengeance I see 😑

Why is she having a dig at people having a night out? What’s that got to do with her exactly? Is it because she doesn’t go out so she feels the need to shun those that do and have dared post stories of them having a good time. How dare they do that whilst Grinchy has been “poorly”. I guess she was expecting everyone to be miserable and in mourning due to her absence.
Her friends before she found fame probably had a night out last night and didn’t invite her because she’s turned into a monumental fanny. That’s what I reckons happened 🤔


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Why pose for photos in a garden centre too? Surely there are some nice beauty spots or parks where they live?

I find her life so boring. Her social circle seems so limited and I find it hard to believe she’s never enjoyed nights out. If she didn’t like nights out why was her hen at Pride involving her wearing a skimpy bride outfit and (if I recall correctly) clutching an inflatable penis? I don’t go clubbing anymore unless it’s a big night out, birthday etc (I’m only 6 months older than Zophie) but I still like going to bars or going out with friends for dinner. However I didn’t want a night out for my hen do so we had a weekend in a log cabin and went to Go Ape. I just don’t find her satisfaction with her lot to be genuine.


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Why would you use the dishwasher to wash around 5 items?! What a waste of electric.
Her electricity bill must be sky high since she never leaves the house and uses appliances unnecessarily . First the washing machine and now the dishwasher 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anything to throw in a ‘ad’
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