Mrs Hinch #66 They see me trolling, they begging, tryna get Bolton to DM me before I turn 30

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I'm behind and throwing this on quickly, so apologies if someone has already brought this up.

There are really strict laws about formula feeding advertising before six months. Formula companies aren't allowed to advertise milk for babies younger than six months old. I don't know if this extends to formula feeding equipment like bottles and prep machines, but I'd assume so.

She could get into serious trouble if this is the case, as she's advertising a machine that preps formula for her four month old. Whether they've paid her or not, she's an influencer. Her job is advertising and she was gifted that machine with the company knowing that it would feature on her platform.

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Sorry I’m a bit behind on tattle but just seen this. I used to work as a breastfeeding expert for the NHS and it’s true about not being allowed to advertise formula for babies under 6 months. In fact, formula companies only make “follow on” milk so that they can still advertise their name and there’s absolutely no need for follow on milk at all.

life is great

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Mopped her floor with the flash mop(that all her sheep will now go out and buy and skint themselves) yet never actually showed us all how filthy her floor is!! Oh probably because her cleaner has already made sure it's spotless. Did she heck just use that to clean her floor. She really does struggle for content daily its getting so much more noticeable as time goes on!!!


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Mopped her floor with the flash mop(that all her sheep will now go out and buy and skint themselves) yet never actually showed us all how filthy her floor is!! Oh probably because her cleaner has already made sure it's spotless. Did she heck just use that to clean her floor. She really does struggle for content daily its getting so much more noticeable as time goes on!!!
I saw this mop today (before I saw it on her stories and was tempted to buy it glad I didnt now)


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I’m so behind on this thread I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but have ppl seen the MOD and tattle stuff in the media? I know her thread was going crazy earlier!

Anyway got me thinking that we all know that grinch reads here and probably posts (or her lapdog Jamie does, but if she gets ‘caught’ out then I reckon that’s the only way she’ll fall from Grace. Her followers are flocking here in large numbers but she continues to grow so I reckon only a massive scandal will open peoples eyes to her 🤷🏻‍♀️


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I think the pads on that flash power mop look like those massive fanny pads you wear after giving birth. Ugly as... So you need to buy the mop, pads, solution and keep it topped up with batteries. Jesus Christ... 🙄🙄🙄
I don’t get why it needs batteries? I’ve got a very simple mop which does the same thing except I pull a lever to release the water / solution. The pad on mine is washable and you can buy spares if you really feel the need. It’s an Addis if anyone is interested -£20 or there abouts.


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Has anyone looked at that Terracycling? Its lots of separate sites for recycling different items. So for plastic bread bags I've got to drive 12 miles away and for the flash wipes it's over 20 mile drive for me to drop off used wipes.

So the reality is shes shilling another product that ultimately isnt widely or easily recyclable and P&G have made it appear like they care about the environment when the reality is (unsurprisingly) I'd have to contribute more to emissions driving my car on a 40 mile round trip to recycle an item that isnt really necessary.

I'll stick an old fashioned mop thanks.

And why the need for clip in hair pieces when you barely leave the friggin house 🙄


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As soon as i saw the flash mop I swiped to the next account. Not even gona bother watching the rest.

Can’t stand her explanation stories. She thinks she’s so smart.
It’s just endless poking and rambling on.
All she has to say is it was gifted and i love it because im paid to say that. [emoji849][emoji849]


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I hate that she gets away with acting like some eco warrior telling us we must wash at 30˚ and recycle the Flash mop pads. You know through Terracycle, that "amazing scheme" that she does't actually have to go into or explain anything about, just tells us she wants us to "check it out"! Also why have that expensive Amtico flooring and not use the specialist #gifted cleaner you were given?

Re: Nanny Hinch's xmas pressie - "she still loves these calendars that hang up and you write on them, you know" a calendar then?! 😂

I know what I would do with that stapler, I would staple her mouth shut!

List of things I (HINCH) need to acknowledge from tattle:-
  • Yes it is indeed "Hinchmas" now "Hinchoween" is over. Well predicted @TheBlueDonkey 🎃🎄
  • Yes, I am having two xmas trees this year - well predicted @Duchesspink Had to mention this early in November so that Balsam Hill have time to gift it (hopefully I get the same £509 model as last year...or maybe even something bigger and better and more expensive) 🎄🎄
  • I actually work super duper hard for hours on end behind the scenes (counting all my pennies and pounds 💰, receiving gifts and sorting them into labelled piles in the loft 🎁, organising my gifted brand partner cleaning goods 🧼 into my gifted, sorry I mean PAID for, really crazy and innovative space tidy (a.k.a brackets with shelves)📦, deciding what #gifted outfit to dress Ronnie in 👶🏻, getting myself into really awkward positions to take a photo of a never seen before angle of the gifted table 📸, in a corner of my gifted extension 🏡, attending meetings to negotiate how many more thousands of pounds I want to earn this month 📈, working out how to spend my Very #gifted credit each month 🤔, planning sob stories to scatter through my contect (i was particularly pleased with yesterdays "we count too" one) 😢, shaming my husband to 2.9 million followers etc. etc. The list goes on and I am exhausted - fuck any of you emergency service workers, NHS staff, zero hour contracts, minimum wage, 3 jobs-on-the-go, single parents, food bank visiting people!
  • No, I didn't reuse an old photo yesterday, I just had my £99.99 #gifted easilocks clip in extensions.
  • I only talk about my #gifted good out of the goodness of my pure little heart.
  • Yes, I agree with you @AldiWidow , my nails do need doing so i'll start digging Trace out from under the extension 💅🏻
  • No I don't have a cleaner - I mopped, cleaned AND shined my sink, wiped the surfaces down, hoovered, sorted the fridge AND cleaned the windows all by myself today (in addition to all of the above)
  • I didn't name Ronnie after a rake or a radiator brush, I actually name all my cloths and appliances after my favourite people....introducing Freda the Flash Mop!
  • Oh...and most importantly, I am the ONLY person who accesses my account. This means I am on it 24/7 and get no sleep, rest, food or drink because I have to act with lightning speed to do the #ShockBlocks, delete any negativity in the comments on my posts, go through the likes on all said negative comments (prior to deleting them) to then block those 'likers', monitor Michael Bolton's posts for any negativity linked to me and then delete and #shockblock, monitor my messages to flag any troll messages to use at a later late in my sob stories, pick up the messages asking where I have purchased something, seconds after I have mentioned it so I can link and provide a swipe up (just wanting to help), oh and of course find the most arse licky messages from my shoppers..whoops, sorry Hinchers, to share to my story. This further makes them feel like my cult, whoops...friend 🙃


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If she does, please screen record it and post it! I could do with a good laugh!
I'm going to need a second Instagram account. Just to reply to comments on her photos questioning her practices or making enquiries that go unanswered with 'join Tattle'.
i was thinking of doing the same! I want to promote Tattle to her followers so much! X


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I love how she pops up every now and then talking about recycling, as if she really cares about that!
She's definitely been on tattle recently, she's addressed the mop, hair and nails today 😂

Her comment abour being nervous to decorate two trees annoyed me. She'll probably get everything gifted for it anyway.

And I cant believe she bought 3 penguins with broken beaks 😂😂
What’s so nerve wracking about putting a tree up. It’s tideous and annoying but it’s not enough to make someone anxious is it??

Or throw the pot out after you eat it/ don’t leave it laying around? Yes we heard about it yesterday 😴
She can’t really shout at him for it. She left it lying around. Probably wanting to cleaner to put it in the bin. Henry needs saving


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Right my main concern with that fucking soup maker (it’s been bothering me all day) is surely the soups just taste so sub-par and average compared to making it properly. Eg roasting off the veg or letting the flavours all blend in the stock for a bit before blending/serving and letting it cook slowly for a while. Like yeah it takes longer but it’s basically the same amount of effort cause you just Chuck it on the hob low heat let it do its thing. I just don’t UNDERSTAND how a 30 year old woman with a child and a husband probably 10 years old than her doesn’t know how to cook basic shit. Like even if she didn’t surely he does????? She’s literally on the verge of 30 and behaving like a 16 year old EMBARRASSING. ALSO the only time she seems to eat any veg is when it’s in a casserole, a soup or roasted great example to her young follower, absolute nutcase
I haven't commented here before but I found tattle after I'd seen someone on her comments mention it.. now I can see she definitely reads here her stories correspond with peoples views on here about her.. anytime she cleans now it's a very short clip or shes already done it and it's a boomerang where has the content gone? Why do people still worship her when all she does now is post ad after ad of very expensive items that most people cant afford
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