Mrs Hinch #57 Personalised stuff that's gifted for free, Hinch drinking wine? Nah, it's WKD

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I think shes got this romantic idea of the sort of attics you see in America houses in movies.
But UK lofts arent like that. Its storage area not another living space in the house (unless you have a loft conversion).

Personally I'm thinking this is the long con to get a freebie left conversion. She keeps banging on about how much she loves her loft and a company rushes in, and in return for free advertising, give her the conversion of her dreams.
The deal is already done I would guess.As someone said a while ago the landing area was intentionally left to accommodate a new staircase to the new penthouse bedroom.That's why she keeps mentioning the 'waiting area' -she thinks she is teasing us.cupid stunt


First time poster 🙈.. I’ve got to admit I was a ‘hincher’ I thought our Soph was brilliant, the down to earth girl that everyone wants to be like blah blah I even brought her shit book grr !! Then the swipe ups got more and the cleaning got less...
I came across this site and have been reading for a few weeks but kept quiet I’ve gotta admit at first I did kind of think it was all abit conspiracy theories on here and ‘come on don’t be daft she’s just a girl who loves to clean’

But then.. the penny dropped all thanx to this site I’m now an ex-fuking hincher and her book is in the bin !!

After reading these comments for weeks it’s all clear it was all set up from the very start !!

Our soph obv wanted to become rich and ‘famous’ tipping point for Jamie was a fail so one night they sat down and wrote a list guyzzzzz of how to do it.. start a cleaning account, become everyone’s relatable best friend start the eBay swipe up shit and before you know it the rest inbetween is history because your filthy rich, sitting in your loft surrounded by thousands of pounds worth of gifted shit and sitting on a best selling book.. all whilst you husband is a SALEs MANAGER !!

ffs I feel so stupid for falling for it at the start because now it’s so obvious and Jamie is prob her manager he obv knows his shit and knew how to use insta to make them stupidly rich for doing fuck all!!

I feel an idiot for falling for it all and I spent loads of money on stupid cleaning shit and storage Fukin baskets because our Soph said they were amazing guyzzz !!

I honestly believe if everyone of her ‘army’ read these comments for a few weeks like I did they would see it for what it really is !!! They knew what they were doing from the start and she barely cleans anymore.. she’s preyed on a gullible audience with her ‘anxiety’ and not being able to leave the house bullshit!! Mr sales manager would of known how to play it from the start..

So anyway I’m going to shut up now because it makes me cross and sad that they can do this to people !!

But thank you everyone of you who have posted on here and helped me to see the light.. finally... and saved me for wasting anymore money on all the stupid shit Soph says we should have grrrrr !!! xx
I did exactly the same. I spent a whole day traipsing round South Shields (when I could have had a massage) looking for the Pink Stuff because she said you had to have it!! My eyes well and truly opened now!!! Oh...this is my first post!! 💗


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Upcycled ottoman! You sure?
Would quite like to get my hands on that and paint it properly.
If she's so attached to it ,why not use in her souless house-she has zero personality for sure.
I'm not in a good mood.Fuck fuck fuckity fuck the cunting cuntity cunt.

I am so going to us cunting cuntity cunt - any chance I can - love it Boobelle 😘

I am so going to us cunting cuntity cunt - any chance I can - love it Boobelle 😘
Use - need to check my spelling x
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