Mrs Hinch #57 Personalised stuff that's gifted for free, Hinch drinking wine? Nah, it's WKD

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Hi, first time poster. That middle finger reply from poppybelle flowers is absolutely shocking, I think we need to all visit their web page and leave them a comment. She needs to know that that’s NOT acceptable. X
I agree, I'm going to leave a Google review when I get a minute. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have called it tat and been a bit more eloquent with my wording but it is still more stuff that'll just end up in landfill eventually


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It really fucks me off when she posts something, thats she know's full well her army are going to drool over and apologies that it's not it with the keeping of her page and "hopes that's ok." They are hardly going to say get that offensive picture of your beautiful baby and cute dog off of Insta and replace it with a picture of Elbow Grease instantly! And what if someone did say actually that's not ok? What is she gonna do? Take it down? FFS! 🙄
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