Mrs Hinch 50 #Gifted here, gifted there, she never says no, the greedy mare!

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As a first time expectant mum I’m finding her posts more and more upsetting. NOT, I might add because I’m jealous of her material possessions but the disrespect and injustice of it all. Of this whole system.

I’m self employed and will be working until the day I go into labour and getting back to work as quickly as I physically can, which is so upsetting. I work so hard, and deserve to be supported while I spend as long as I can with my baby. BUT there is basically no support for women in my position, unless you are prepared to let the business you’ve worked tirelessly to build, fail, for the sake of a small amount of maternity allowance a week. The guilt of facing this is unbearable.

I work 16+ hour days with no help, rarely a day off, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult with migraines, fatigue and the stress of it all. January brings the tax-man, a further and constant stress when you are SE.
My partner is in the ambulance service and earns even less than I do (thank you NHS), works the most horrendous shifts and is struggling after some very difficult jobs back to back. He’ll have 2 weeks paternity leave.

Our savings right now amount to less than her TWO free high chairs, and any savings will not only have to cover baby stuff but go towards supporting me while I have this minimal time off.
We do not (cannot...) live a remotely lavish lifestyle, and everything we are looking at for the baby is the cheapest options we can that don’t come with safety concerns. Meanwhile Grinch is gifted thousands and thousands of pounds of goods, with a bank balance that could so easily fund her expensive tastes, all because she threw a cloth around her kitchen to Aretha Franklin?

Can someone tell me how it is fair that two people who work their asses off, have never taken handouts, who pay so much in taxes have to face such a lesser parenting experience than someone who lies and cons their way to a fat bank balance?

It’s not about ‘things’, our baby will be loved by many and have what it needs, but money sadly does make the world go round, and this hypocritical woman is flaunting her greed to us all.
The two expensive high chair posts yesterday absolutely sum her and her selfishness up. She CANNOT say no to an expensive freebie. She could have asked to have that £600 chair to donate, or the cash equivalent to a good cause. It’s absolutely disgraceful and it’s beyond a kick in the teeth to us mere mortals at this point.
She swans around with her #gifted cleaning products, cleaning her already sparkling #gifted furniture, walking on her #gifted carpets, buying £100s of absolute tat each week with swipe up money she DOES NOT DESERVE, spending as much time as she wants with her baby while swipe ups and a few brand partnership posts pay her more than any of us must earn a year.

Sorry for the rant, but it’s just not right 😞
I think you are bang on. Normal people like us having to put up with people like her flashing it about. It's not like she needs it. Like you I have had to be careful and then bitch face hitch swans around. Makes me sick.
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