Mrs Hinch #400 Bond with my kid? where to begin? so I’ll rub him with my chinny chin chin

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I wish she would stop with all the black and white photos. She must realise how cold and soulless her colour scheme, is but can’t use her usual filter on a colour photo of her family without them looking like The Simpsons.

I reckon we are overdue a moody photo of her and Lennie in the grounds of her new house (to move the discussion back to her) with a stolen, uncredited quote.
I think she’s going with the black and white pictures to hide the fact that her house is indeed black and white (or grey) and she probably knows how unfashionable it is. Before grey was her thang.... now it’s bissskkkittt. She’s probably dying for a refurb but has a house move tucked up her sleeve....
Ronnie only saw grey for the first two years and Lonnie will just see Bissskkkittt. It’s the way she rolls 😂


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She's defo so jealous that once again ss is getting the attention .... But she's hiding it pretending she's happy. Sad really. Get help Soph xo

SS announces engagement
Hinch announces pregnancy
SS moves into a beautiful home
Hinch gives birth
SS is pregnant
Hinch moves into a tacky house
As vomiting inducing as I thought it would be
I agree - what winds me up about hinch is she always has to put in the comment so everyone that reads can see she already knew, she’s knew before everyone else. Why not say oh this is amazing news congratulations. Why always - I’ve been waiting for you to say kind of implication. Just congratulate the girl 🤦🏼‍♀️

They've named grinch in the article too.
How the fuck is putting a dryer sheet in the BARREL of a dyson going to make your carpets smell nice?? It doesn't even go near the bloody carpet!! To think these people actually walk among us...
Okay so who called her putting a filtered post of SS on her story??? Oh and hi Zoph, nice to see your still not listening to guidelines? It's boiling recently, the boys don't need to be in PJ's and those look like winter ones 🙄

Also nice to finally see a pic of Inch with Lenor 🙄 not like he was born ages ago or anything

I'm calling that if she doesn't move house she's refurbing her old one! In bissskkkkit no less 🙄 because let's face it, that woman will never want her son's to see actual colour
I reckon it was planned that hinch and SS were going to try and get pregnant around the same time for more content. Unfortunately SS had the miscarriages so the plan didn't work out.

I know sisters who have done this so they can go through the pregnancy and baby journey together
Nothing feels more cringe and gross than synchronising sexy times with your other half and sister/their other half.


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Her post regarding SS this morning saying ‘let the adventures begin’ is more than a bit insulting to SS and Joe. In fairness they don’t stop. They are incredibly active with the children, DIY the house, work (as in proper work and not Fanny around wiping the sink and making Hoover lines), she does crafts, they have a camper van.... I could go on.
I can’t even start with Soph .... her idea of adventures is pushing in the dog food and waiting for the ‘postman’.
The nerve on her. How she ever made it I have no idea it’s an insult to hard working people everywhere.


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I disagree I think it’s the other way around .. I think pairing up with mrs H gave Stacey a new lease of life and she’s slowly copied everything since, might not a popular opinion here 😝 maybe I should pop over to the SS thread lol
As much as I hate to agree 😬 SS didn’t have a big Instagram following before she befriended hinch and didn’t post cleaning and home decor stories back then either. It must annoy the shit out of Hinch that Her bestie bubs has now overtaken her and become more popular 🤣

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I have made a suggestion one of many I might add to Instagram that buying followers should be not allowed and those who repeatedly do this should have their accounts suspended because it’s deceptive.
huge following = huge profit but this is unfair when many of the followers are bought it’s misrepresentation and if it’s not illegal it should be because it is immoral ,I am beyond fed up of these damned influencers making money this way i always get a polite but pointless reply I have told them stop Making excuses and get this practice stopped.
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