Mrs Hinch #400 Bond with my kid? where to begin? so I’ll rub him with my chinny chin chin

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No she doesn't read on here no no no she doesn't.
" QUICK GET RONNIE ON THE GRAM QUIIIIIIICK!!!" sad.and I burst out laughing when I saw it
Why did she need the whole double pram if she’s just going to stick a buggy board on it?! I mean don’t get me wrong, the buggy board means Ron gets out and about in an age appropriate way (ie not bundled up like a newborn) but could she not have used it on her original pram??
Hinch’s comment just sums up how much insta controls her life. ‘My heart is so happy you’ve announced it’ etc etc… ermmm why isn’t your heart ‘so happy’ they’ve got their longed for baby after a struggle? Why’s your heart just happy for the announcement? Hinch’s life is controlled by insta.. bet when she found out she was expecting Lonnie her first thoughts were about how to announce it 💀💀💀


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How is she sharing the journey "again"? As according to Sophie they didn't even become friends until after Ronnie was born when Stacey just happened to Rock up with a Maccys. They didn't share a pregnancy Journey before, they are not even sharing a toddler journey now. Rex is experiencing so much more that Ron. X
100% this!!!

We have the actual fucking answer to the question “which celebrity couple are going to have another baby”
Talk about dragging it out!


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Sorry but if it weren't for Stacey then Sophie would've been out of the fame game long ago. SS is keeping her afloat in my opinion.

So is this Stacey's 4th child? I can't keep up lol.
I disagree I think it’s the other way around .. I think pairing up with mrs H gave Stacey a new lease of life and she’s slowly copied everything since, might not a popular opinion here 😝 maybe I should pop over to the SS thread lol


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Lovely news about SS. I’m really pleased for them, especially so after having a difficult time TTC.
Not sure what Sopha will do now. SS was always going to be more “real” about this and it just draws more attention to Sopha’s Disneyesque portrayal of life with more than 1 child.
Interesting to see what happens next!! 🤗
In news that will shock no one (and I specifically looked for her comment because I thought it might be something like this), Hinch making it all about her. I generally HATE when people start their comments on news like this by doing the whole “I’ve been waiting for you to share this” things to prove how important they are because SHE KNEW FIRST GUYS. It’s not your journey hun, stop doing this withSS, it’s getting weird now


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Just coming to say I called Stacey pregnancy and reveal by Ron's birthday 🤣🤣
Haha same... I called it 29th April over on the SS thread but I was quickly shot down 🔥 🔥 🙊 I however, thought she was going to announce on 31st May her re stock day with ITS and I thought there’d be some maternity pieces. Maybe the MC’s scuppered that? Either way I still think she’ll do a mat range.

Not commented much here but have swung my head in a few times for a quick read. Grinch is just totally boring me tbh. All we are seeing is a fake bit of mushy love. Where’s the real show at Zoph? Henry sulking, maybe he’s feeling pushed out. Ron starting to misbehave, lack of attention. How you’re feeling, or has your vag healed faster than anyone’s ever and you don’t know how it happened to little old you?! Where the exhaustion? Sick to death of seeing Z-Listers paint life like a fucking fairy tale. Imagine the amount of people feeling crappy about their lives because they think it should be perfikttt like adams families!? 😤


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These threads move too fast so I don’t know if it’s already been said. But since SS has posted she is infact pregnant (which us tattlers called it) I’m placing a bet now that Grinch has definitely bought a new house and it’s the one that’s off the market or atleast bigger than what SS has because she can’t having SS one up her... bet she’s fuming right now 😂
Yes and just by luck it will be called Handsome's cottage 😉🤣


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Well done Tattle, you've made her post a filtered to fuck picture of Inch with the boys 😉 Also, Soph, when using Stacey's news to up your own engagement and then you say "let the adventures begin" do you actually know what an adventure is? Because it sure as hell isn't what you get up to...
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