Mrs Hinch #400 Bond with my kid? where to begin? so I’ll rub him with my chinny chin chin

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The creepy ass fans need to FUCK. OFF.

“maybe a girlfriend for Lennie”
Did I miss something, or are we in 2021 where we don’t assume genders and sexuality anymore?

“You two need to get pregnant at the same time”
SS literally posted in her story that she lost a baby before this one... I think the last thing on her mind is SYNCHRONISING WITH GRINCH


Well thankfully your heart hasn’t had to wait long if they only had it confirmed yesterday 🤔 Out of interest how long can a heart even wait for? How did her heart know when Stacey posted? Does it read instagram? Why does her heart always hurt so much? Has she seen a doctor about said heart? So many questions..
This killed me off, burst out laughing and woke my other half up with a jump 😂😂


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sorry if it’s already been mentioned- waiting for saint sopha to notice that her ‘BFF’ that child with cerebral palsy, is trying to raise funds for a new chair or something. Tenner says she won’t because she’s a) not a very decent person b) not her BFF
I posted it yesterday. I know for a fact that she is in regular contact with the family and does alot to support Katie so my beef was why didn't she donate anonymously or just contact the family privately when she knows them so well. She did it for the 'kudos'.
I've worked with various charities and the best of people donate under the radar and don't want the recognition for it.


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These threads move too fast so I don’t know if it’s already been said. But since SS has posted she is infact pregnant (which us tattlers called it) I’m placing a bet now that Grinch has definitely bought a new house and it’s the one that’s off the market or atleast bigger than what SS has because she can’t having SS one up her... bet she’s fuming right now 😂


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What the actual is Soph’s comment on SS’s pregnancy announcement??? She can’t wait to do this together again?? Does she not realise there is a massive difference between a 6 month old and a newborn??? Like Lenor will be able to steam roll the Swashling, there’s a month or two between Ronnie and Rex, but half a year in terms of child development is a bloody massive difference

Me, me, me, me, me

All about hinch 🥱🙄 has to let everyone know, that she knew the news before everyone else 🤔

wouldn’t surprise me if she said to joe that she knew first ‘so happy stace has finally told you, I have been bursting for you to find out Joe’

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I’m surprised she didn’t say Ma Freda was telling SS to take a test!!
Tbh I’ll be interested to see how Lenor develops- I think it could be possible that pickle 2 over takes Lenor developmental wise even with a 6 month difference! Ron and rex are worlds apart and that’s only a few weeks worth! I watch a triplet family and there wee ones are 1.5 and they “speak”/ engage/ interact more than Ron. Time will tell & so will Grinch’s commitment to “her boys”


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Shes a mad cunt.
I bet Stacey can't wait for the contract pretending to be friends with her, is at its end.

Sophie you are sharing your journey with your cousins, remember them? The ones you've posted bump triplet shots of.

I'm sure your shit is itching at the thought of Stacey having another baby!


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Well I wasn't far from predicting her soppy message would be! I'll claim that as my first Bingo! 😂

AC55 would you like to call bingo. Your comment prediction was pretty much bang on to what she said. Well done xx

Her comment 🤮 I KNEW BEFORE ANYONEEEEEEE ME ME ME ME ME ME. Can't wait to do this journey together again, Ron and Rex, Len and Lex forever besties FUCKKKK OOOFFFFFFF you needy cow
Thank you! 😂 I think it's pretty accurate and typical of Hinch! Couldn't just say congratulations to Stacey and Joe, and instead made it all about her! That's quite a skill set! 😂 X
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